Normal return to work and the distribution of masks

After the economic hibernation, some 300,000 people have returned to work in person this Monday in Madrid, according to the calculations of the Community of Madrid, and the first day back to work has been carried out normally and without crowds at the stations, as well as the distribution of masks.

The Atocha and Nuevos Ministerios stations have been some of the distribution points for the nearly 1.5 million masks for workers in the Community of Madrid who return to work this Monday and need to use public transport.

Between 6 and 8 in the morning, the number of Metro commuters has increased 34 percent although it is 80 percent less compared to those on this same Monday last year, according to the regional executive.

Within stations and wagons, the rush hour concept has been diluted. At half past seven in the morning the stations of Lavapiés and Plaza de España remained half empty, and in the cars the passengers were decked out with their masks and respecting the safety distance.

The public address system takes advantage of the announcement of the arrival of the trains to remember that the safety distance must be kept, although it is a reminder that citizens have already integrated into their new day to day.

The Municipal Police and Red Cross, together with the National Police, have been in charge of distributing these masks within the suburban, Cercanías, EMT stops and intercity buses.

The officers reached out to the passengers, regardless of whether they were wearing their own masks or not, and urged those who rejected them "because they already had" to take more: "You never know how many will be needed."

These masks serve as a protection barrier but do not have particle filters. They are for symptom-free adults without surgical masks or filter masks to protect against particles.

It can only be used by one person and preferably only once. Something that for Sandra, one of the travelers this morning, seemed incomprehensible: "They distribute masks but only for one day, as if I did not have to go to work from Monday to Friday," she complains to Efe.

Marta, a resident of the Tetuán neighborhood, got up early this morning to pick up masks at the Nuevos Ministerios station because she was told that the delivery was taking place there.

He assures that his company has not provided him with protection material so upon learning of the distribution of the mask he has asked the Municipal Police if they could give him a few but "without abusing" and has criticized that "they are not distributed in all stations".

The Minister of Transport of the Community of Madrid, Ángel Garrido, has indicated this morning that the masks will only be made in 51 of the 240 Metro stations in Madrid, which is 20 percent of the total.

Madrid has been assigned 1,416,000 masks of the 10 million that the Government is going to distribute throughout Spain and the Community of Madrid has criticized the "improvisation" of the Government and its delay in providing "written instructions" on how proceed to distribute the material.

Ana Marquez


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