Norma, the first comic firm to win the award for best cultural editorial work

One of the last illustrated novels published by Norma Editorial. / CR

It is one of the publishers that have contributed the most to the projection of the culture of comics and illustration in recent decades in Spain and Latin America.


Norma Editorial has been awarded the National Prize for the Best Cultural Editorial Work, corresponding to the year 2022, at the proposal of the jury meeting today. The jury has highlighted the "remarkable cultural and social influence that has lasted over time that has had a positive impact on the entire value chain of the book" of the publisher.

In addition, the jury has nominated Norma Editorial «for encouraging creation, in Spanish and Catalan, within the segment of comics and graphic novels. It has an important track record and international presence, especially in Latin America. Its work in promoting reading among the younger public stands out, which makes it the first comic book publisher to receive this recognition.

The purpose of the award is to distinguish the editorial work of a natural or legal person who has stood out for their outstanding and innovative contribution to Spanish cultural life. It has an honorary character and, therefore, it lacks financial endowment.

Founded in Barcelona in 1977 by Rafael Martínez, it is one of the Spanish publishers that have contributed the most to the projection of comic and illustration culture in recent decades in Spain and Latin America, being a benchmark for several generations of authors and readers. It is also a reference in manga publication.

At a national level, Norma Editorial has published or produced authors of the stature of Miguelanxo Prado, Luis Royo, Conrad Roset, Sergio Mora, Daniel Torres, Victoria Francés, Ana Miralles, Juanjo Guarnido, Juan Díaz Canales and Josep María Martín Saurí, among others. . Through the publication of collective books such as 'Barcelona TM', 'Revolution Complex' and 'Valentia', Norma Editorial has established itself as a platform for a new generation of authors with international projection, such as Jordi Lafebre, Josep Homs, Claudio Stassi, Joan Marín and many others.

Since its origins, Norma Editorial has maintained a strong international presence, participating since its inception in the main fairs of the Comic sector and in some of them it has participated uninterruptedly during the last four decades, being therefore one of the Spanish publishers with More global recognition. She is a founding member of Ficomic, organizer of the Barcelona International Comic Fair and the Manga Fair and a participant in all their editions, as well as the recently established Comic Sectorial.

Members of the jury

The jury, chaired by María José Gálvez, General Director of Books and Reading Promotion of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, was made up of Francisco Jesús Egido Salazar, proposed by the Spanish Association of Writers (ACE); Teresa San Segundo Manuel, for the Center for Gender Studies of the UNED; Álvaro José Manso Ortiz, for the Spanish Confederation of Booksellers Guilds and Associations (CEGAL); Álvaro de Diego González, for the Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities (CRUE); Dolores Gallardo Ceballos, for the Federation of Associations of Journalists of Spain (FAPE); Antonio Castillo Escobar, for the Federation of National Associations of Publishing Distributors (FANDE); Rosalina Díaz Valcárcel, for the Federation of Publishers Guilds of Spain (FGEE); Pilar Reyes Forero, on behalf of Editorial Alfaguara, awarded in 2021; and Valeria Ciompi di Bernardo, appointed by the Minister of Culture and Sports.

This Prize was awarded for the first time in 1994 to the publishers Tusquets and Anagrama. In successive years, the publishing houses Hiperión, Alianza, Gredos, Cátedra, Pre-Textos, Castalia, Visor, Trotta, Biblioteca Nueva, Valdemar, El Acantilado and Quaderns Crema (in the person of Jaume Vallcorba), Renacimiento, Siruela, Sígueme have been awarded. , Galaxy/Círculo de Lectores, Criticism, the Seven Editorials of the Context Project, Gadir, Marcial Pons, Alba, Akal, Salamandra, Libros del Zorro Rojo, Kalandraka, Turner, Trea, Antonio Machado Libros, Kairós, Austral, Media Vaca, Pages of Espuma, Árdora Ediciones and Editorial Alfaguara.

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