Nogueira would be the fifth case of permanent prison reviewable in Spain

Nogueira would be the fifth case of permanent prison reviewable in Spain

Patrick Nogueira was found guilty of Pioz's crime, the four murders that took place in Guadalajara in August 2016. A trial that took seven days, in which they went to declare relatives of Nogueira, forensic doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists and Civil Guard agents who participated at some time Of the investigation. Magistrate Elena Mayor will be the one in charge to dictate sentence, and if finally it is condemned to reviewable permanent prison, it would be the fifth case from the beginning of this law.

This reform of the Penal Code was approved in July 2015. first case in which the resolution of the sentence was this sentence it was David Oubel, the parracida de Moraña (Pontevedra), who murdered his two daughters on July 31, 2015. There was a previous case in Seville about a guilty person murdering a young woman who tried to commit suicide, but eventually he would be sentenced to 39 years of prison. Behind this, Sergio Díaz, Daniel Montaño and Marcos Mirás are the other three cases condemned to permanent remainable prison. The first of them stabbed and murdered the grandfather of his ex-girlfriend, Montaño threw a seventeen-month-old girl out the window and the last one killed his son with a shovel in the head.

In addition, there are two other cases that are subject to study and that could also end in permanent prison revisable: the murders of Diana Quer and little Gabriel. Both 'El Chicle' and Ana Julia Quezada could be next on the list of convicts with remand permanent prison.


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