March 4, 2021

Noel clings to a clinical trial of 330,000 euros to beat cancer

Noel clings to a clinical trial of 330,000 euros to beat cancer

Noel is a twelve-year-old boy from Betanzos (A Coruña) who does not lose hope of overcoming his particular battle against brain cancer. But above all, Noel is a brave man who has conquered the hearts of many people from A Coruña.

He had to win the game to a medulloblastoma once and, when he seemed overcome, Noel had a relapse of the same type of tumor, which also complicated the task of the doctors who attended him in A Coruña because the metastasis was installed in an area which is not operable.

This difficulty has returned to summon him to a new party of personal improvement, that will have to face in Madrid since when being a relapse "they sent us to the hospital of La Paz because now the tumor is in an inaccessible place and can not be operated", Her mother, Sonia González, explained to Efe.

In the investigation is the playing field on which it is hoped to be able to wage a new struggle to cling to life and defeat a guest for whom there is no place for hospitality.

To dispute that league, Noel has to get the key that opens the door that gives access to the type of cancer that needs to be treated, the battlefield where he hopes to find "a hope", says Noel's mother, who clings to "a clinical trial because for now there is no cure".

Since the cause has seen the light, many people, without hesitation, have run to charge Noel with hope, looking for ways to finance, altruistically, a therapy that would give his immune system a mechanism to defend himself in the presence of tumor cells with scarce conventional therapeutic alternatives, at least until now.

To open that door you need 330,000 euros, which are what you need to finance all the jobs, which include "paying the salary of the researchers for three years, plus all the bureaucratic procedures that are necessary to allow the trial", Sonia reports.

Among the numerous initiatives, popular symbolic races such as "We walked with Noel, in the fight against medulloblastoma" have already been held and a well-known supermarket chain has begun to raise funds, in addition to the collaboration it has received from the Betanzos City Council together with the Fundación Cris, which is channeling all donations for Noel's cause.

One of them has been driven by an octogenarian Betanzos who died last week and who asked in his objection not to send flowers and that, instead, donations were made to the Cris Foundation for cancer to help Noel.

The current amount exceeds 172,000 euros, "we have already passed the barrier of half," says hopeful Sonia Gonzalez, who sees the goal closer and hopes to reach "before having all the papers" to authorize the clinical trial.

Noel's mother has expressed her gratitude for all the help they have received so far because "the reality has been overflowing and we are very grateful".

He has acknowledged that, in a month, the donations campaign has taken "160,000 euros", although donations "go slower" because "a lot of people have collaborated and it is necessary for other people to know about it now. outside".

Sonia González wants to emphasize that the accounting of the donations is "transparent" and all the contributions that are entered go to the account of the Cris Foundation, which has opened a specific cause in favor of Noel, a foundation that "has been able to to open an advanced therapy unit on the eighth floor of a public hospital in Madrid, with all that means, "he adds.

The initiatives to continue raising funds do not stop, the closest, for example, this Thursday at noon, when the veteran players of Deportivo will face the team made up of Galician artists, the Ardebullo, in the García Hermanos de Betanzos.


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