July 30, 2021

“Nobody has to lead us to moderation because we have always been in it”

The president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, will not move his right-wing strategy one iota after his main bet on 12J, the PP + Cs coalition led by Carlos Iturgaiz, suffered a strong defeat at the polls by losing four of the nine seats which he achieved in 2016, when the popular ones performed alone. “Nobody has to lead us to moderation because we have always been in it,” Casado stressed on Wednesday, ignoring the barons who in recent days have demanded a turn to the center for failure in Euskadi and the overwhelming victory in Galicia by Alberto Núñez Feijóo, a candidate with a more moderate and centrist profile, who has always defended his organic independence and his own discourse against the theses of the PP’s national leadership.

Married ignores calls for moderation and tries to shield Iturgaiz at the head of the Basque PP despite the failure of 12J

Casado ignores calls for restraint and tries to shield Iturgaiz

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Casado has announced that his objective is to carry out a “firm and responsible opposition, moderate in tone and forceful in content.” “A party that is defined by statutes of the center, reformist and liberal few lessons can receive from the radical left,” he remarked, during his speech before the National Executive Committee, and after Feijóo made a whole plea for moderation and against the “disqualification”, exactly the one that has been practiced by the PP leadership in recent months.

In response, the PP leader has assured that he does not plan to change his plans and has endorsed his support for coalitions such as the one signed in the Basque Country with Ciudadanos, because “the center right only governs when the right unites around the PP.”

During his speech, Casado claimed Feijóo’s victory. “Your victory is our best guarantee to reach the Government,” he has said. And he has expressed his “total support” for Iturgaiz despite the defeat in Euskadi. The idea of ​​the PP leader is that the candidate now take the presidency of the Basque PP, despite the internal rejection that this position generates in the ranks of the popular Basques, still controlled by the faction related to its former president, Alfonso Alonso, of a more moderate profile and to which Casado struck in February.

In his reading of the debacle in the Basque Country, Casado linked it to “150,000 Basques who have had to go into exile because of the blow of terrorism.” “It would be good to know who they would vote for,” she said. “The withdrawal of constitutionalism is consequent to the drift in favor of PSOE nationalism and the legitimation of Bildu with the investiture pact,” he has settled.


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