August 9, 2020

Nobel to Handke causes a resignation

Gun-Britt Sundström says in a statement that the choice of the writer had been interpreted as if literature were above politics, a criterion that does not share

When it became known that Peter Handke was the Nobel Prize-winning author of Literature that was not ruled out last year (that is, the one corresponding to 2019, since that of 2018 was at the hands of the writer Olga Torkaczuk) the water of the river began to sound . Criticisms of their proserbic positions in the Yugoslav armed conflict of the 1990s could not be ignored, the voices cried out more against the granting of this award, which will be delivered to the writer within a few days, a ceremony in which Hope there may be problems. Thus, members of the Nobel Literature Committee Kristoffer Leandoer and Gun-Britt Sundström have announced their resignation, although only that of the second is directly linked to the Nobel Prize for Literature. In fact, Sundström pointed out that “the choice of the 2019 laureate was not limited to simply rewarding the weight of a literary work, but was also interpreted, both inside and outside the Academy, as a position that could have a political reading, something I don't identify with. ”

In case the Swedish Academy did not have enough with the sexual scandals within the institution (which have caused a real revolution inside), the award to the author of "Short letter for a long goodbye" is causing more than a breakdown of head. The institution does not rule out that on the day of delivery there may even be some group of protesters outside the building against the awarding of the prize. Anticipating the consequences on this occasion, the media will not be allowed to enter the press room to listen to the official speeches, which will be broadcast via streaming. A point in favor of the writer, who after learning Nobel Prize for Literature, once again showed his contempt for the Press and assured that he would never give an interview before a question from a journalist who did not find it adequate or appropriate.

Shortly after knowing the name of the Nobel Prize for Literature 2018, Bosnia, Kosovo and Albania denounced that “a denier” had been distinguished from the crimes committed during the wars in the former Yugoslavia, ”an admirer of Slobodan Milosevic, whose funeral he went to In 1996, a year after the conflicts in Bosnia and Croatia ended, he published a rather controversial paper with the title of "Justice for Serbia" and two years later condemned the western bombing of the said country and even visited the dictator in the jail "I never thought I'd want to vomit for a Nobel," Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama wrote on his Twitter account after knowing the achievement of the distinction. "We should not become so insensitive to racism and genocide," he added In an interview, the Polish Adam Zagajewski had no problem in negatively valuing an award that, he said, should make the scholars think seriously: “E It's a shame. "

Kristoffer Leandoer and Gun-Britt Sundström are external members of the Nobel Literature Committee of the Swedish Academy, appointed to accompany the recovery of the academy after their setbacks in 2017, but are not considered permanent members of the institution.

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