July 29, 2021

Noa will surprise the public with a “very special” concert at the Royal Palace

Madrid, Jul 22 (EFE) .- Under the cloak of classical jazz from her latest album “Afterallogy” and a “refreshing” walk through the beginning of her discography, Noa will surprise the public this Thursday in the “Jazz Palacio Real” concert series “, with the Plaza de la Armería of the Royal Palace of Madrid as a stage that for the singer is” a real privilege “.

“After 28 years of career and acting all those years in Spain, perhaps I have earned the right to perform at the Royal Palace,” he jokes. Playing in a place as magical as this, touring again and performing in front of people again … I’m very nervous as well as excited, ”she confessed to Efe in an interview.

A very meticulous Noa (Tel Aviv, 1969) takes each concert “very seriously”, so before going on stage she thinks about what clothes she is going to wear, how she is going to address the audience and what songs she is going to sing. . Although, as he confesses, this last part has already been planned for Madrid “for days”, and he advances that it is going to be a “very special” concert.

“I could have made a blockbuster, since we are in an important place, but I preferred to opt for something more intimate, something closer to the audience that goes, because what Gill (his guitarist) and I built is something special, and I want him to see it ”, he says.

Likewise, he anticipates that they will play songs from his latest album “Afterallogy”, but that he will also review his 30 years in music with his greatest hits: “I will invite Marco Mezquida (pianist) to come up on stage and improvise the classics of jazz mixed with my songs. Marco is great, so it’s going to be a very fun and special concert ”, she declares, after noting that she puts a“ heart ”in everything she does, so she hopes to“ touch the hearts ”of the audience.

Born last year during confinement and as a balm for the wounds left by the pandemic in the II edition of “Jazz Palacio Real”, the festival not only offers a “unique experience” to the spectator. It also comes to lend a hand to artists who have been unemployed by the pandemic for months or have done small-scale concerts.

“That there is a festival like this is a luxury for many musicians, but that it also encourages people to get to know jazz is doubly fantastic”, confirms Noa.

The singer is thrilled to see that many concerts of the tour scheduled for this summer have sold all their tickets. “It is very nice to think that people really want to see a concert, to be there, to feel already on the street enjoying music and the arts,” he says.

After having performed in Valencia, Alicante and Malaga, and now in Madrid, the singer will close her Spanish tour in San Sebastián, where Gil Dor and Noa will be accompanied by the pianist Iñaki Salvador.

In all these concerts the guide rudder will be his latest album, “Afterallogy” (released in April this year), composed of 12 jazz classics, among which are standards such as “My funny Valentine”, “Oh Lord” or “Anything goes”.

This work of tribute to jazz, was carried out with his inseparable guitarist Gil Dor during confinement, and is the result of the dialogue between the two artists during their 30-year career together.

Gil and Noa met in 1989 and since then they have explored different musical territories, have written hundreds of songs and have worked with all kinds of bands. “Gil and I have an impeccable connection. Life crossed our paths and now we have a relationship that is not based on the professional, but also on the personal. There is a pure friendship that has developed in some way, ”he says.

The “Jazz Palacio Real” festival will host concerts this summer that will run until September 11 and will be attended by artists of the stature of Zenet, Chucho Valdés, Silvana Estrada, Buika and Miguel Poveda, who will perform in emblematic spaces such as Palacio Royal Palace of Madrid, the Royal Palace of Almudaina, The Royal Monastery of El Escorial, the Royal Palace of La Granja and the Royal Palace of Aranjuez.

Silvia Garcia Herráez


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