No traces of sedatives in the sixth search at the house of Tomás Gimeno

Agents of the Civil Guard carried out a sixth search at the home last Thursday from Thomas Gimeno, in Igueste de Candelaria (Tenerife), looking for sedatives or painkillersI know that he could have administered his daughters, without finding a trace of them, they have informed Efe sources close to the case.

This new record is part of the pending proceedings of the reconstruction of the hours prior to the moment in which allegedly Tomás Gimeno ended up in this house with the lives of his daughters, one of whom, Olivia, the eldest, was found dead at the bottom of the sea 40 days after the events.

In this specific case, to check if they could have been intoxicated, an extreme pending to be confirmed by the final results of the autopsy performed on the girl’s corpse.

According to the preliminary report, the cause of his death was an acute pulmonary edema.

Tomás Gimeno’s home has been the subject of various searches, several of which involved two dogs trained to detect biological remains, without finding conclusive evidence.

Meanwhile, the search in the sea for Anna and Tomás Gimeno by the oceanographic vessel continues Angeles Alvariño.

In the last few hours, this boat has focused its tracking work on an area located in front of Las Caletillas and Barranco Hondo, following the trace left by the father’s mobile until it permanently lost the connection already at dawn on April 28.


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