March 8, 2021

No surprises on the Madrid catwalk

The fourth day of the Madrid catwalk has gone without surprises in fashion issues. Hannibal Laguna showed his sewing, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada his creative universe of color and Roberto Torretta a functional tailoring. The evening was animated with the visit of politicians and celebrities.

A catwalk that has also paraded politicians in support of fashion as the Minister of Industry, Energy and Tourism, Reyes Monforte, the mayor of Madrid, Jose Luis Martinez Almeida and the PP candidate to the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso , who saw the Hannibal Laguna parade.

It has also been the heir of the Inditex empire, Marta Ortega and her husband, Carlos Torretta, in the parade of Roberto Torretta or the wife of Julio Iglesias, Miranda Rijnsburger, and the eldest son of both, Miguel in the parade of Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada.

More than three decades Hannibal Laguna has been sewing dresses, a garment that reflects his DNA, identity, style and creativity as seen this afternoon in the Madrid catwalk.

The Venezuelan, in this new collection, continues the previous line and bets on an explosion of color. The evening dresses stand out with three-dimensional embroidery, full of volumes and with contained transparencies that reveal the necklines and backs.

The ruffles coexist with Dior's characteristic "New Look" patterns, which Hannibal Laguna so many times and works so well, that this time he proposes draped silhouettes of the 80s.

Its classic flowers, the hallmark of the house, sculpt the designs with beautiful colored threads that result in intense yellows and chlorophyll green in party and cocktail dresses that combine masterfully embroidered with strong tones crystals.

A party collection in which there is no lack of pants, midi cuts and patterned textiles, where the puff sleeves fastened with wide buttons on the wrist tend to disappear, in a game of yes and no, in some designs.

An explosion of strength and color with which always throws the universe of Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, which has presented a collection "very wearable" and "very long", with more than seventy outputs that, as always, comes off in great dose of "fun"

Pink chewing gum or yellow vertebrate the proposal presented in the Madrid catwalk. "I've never been so excited," said the designer who travels non-stop showing her creativity to the world.

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada has adopted comfort as a flag, "is the most important thing in fashion," he says, a goal that puts into practice with clothes that dress the woman from morning to night.

"You can be modern and look sexy, but comfortable," she says, showing sporty fit tops and pants, with prints that have the golf clubs as protagonists, padded skirts, without neglecting their iconic hearts.

Geometric drawings, pleated skirts, dresses of polka dots and designs in velvet have put the finishing touch to this collection with which he wanted to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Hello! Magazine.

As a counterpoint to so much energy, Roberto Torretta makes sobriety his axis with a work in which the "continuity" of the previous collection stands out, with a "masculine tailoring" very present, proposals in which the overlap abounds, has explained the designer.

"We crossed a fine line towards the aesthetics of the '70s, having Marissa Berenson as a reference," said Torretta. Coats, suits with bermuda shorts and midi silhouettes, fit perfectly in a "practical, but not without glamor" style.

The volumes with knots and cross sections for the day. On the other hand, the cuts outlined in napa give way to a scarcer night than in other occasions; in gray and black, in moiré with silk sequins. This has been the end of this day in which they have also paraded Duyos, Custo Barcelona and Roberto Diz.

By Inmaculada Tapia

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