“No one with a progressive agenda will arrive at Moncloa with VOX votes”

Private polls give the Popular Party the victory in the event of a hypothetical general election. But none foresees a sufficient majority for Pablo Casado to be invested by himself. The local and regional governments of the right have relied on Vox since 2018 to seize power. In fact, Married has launched a hostile opa to recover the voters of the extreme right, but without renouncing the possible support that they may need from their deputies. Meanwhile, Santiago Abascal begins to put a price on his support for Casado. “No one with a progressive agenda will arrive at Moncloa with VOX votes,” the Vox leader wrote on his Twitter account on Monday.

Casado launches for the Vox voter without renouncing Abascal's support

Casado launches for the Vox voter without renouncing Abascal’s support

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Casado’s relationship with Abascal has gone through better times than the current one. The motion of censure that Vox launched against the coalition government in October 2020 was interpreted in Genoa as a false attack on Pedro Sánchez whose objective was, in reality, to torpedo the PP. The arithmetic impossibility of Abascal gathering a majority of deputies to be inaugurated president did not prevent the extreme right from launching the motion that did not add a single deputy more than the 50 with whom he started beforehand.

“So far we have come,” Casado snapped at Abascal from the platform of Congress, in a speech that was interpreted as a shift in strategy by the PP to, as do their counterparts in European countries that share a project with Spain, move away from the extreme right. But that twist was short-lived. More like nothing. The PP is hostage to the support of Vox to maintain its main bastions of power: from Madrid (city and community) to Andalusia or Murcia. In fact, the result of Isabel Díaz Ayuso in the May 4 elections failed to emulate the absolute majorities of the past thanks to the resistance of Rocío Monasterio, who now wants to impose some laws and control items to support the Ayuso Budgets, the first to be The Madrid leader has presented since she was inaugurated in 2019.

The position of Monastery in Madrid is nothing more than the embodiment of a change in strategy, now, of Vox. A swerve that they have also launched in Andalusia and that basically confirms that the extreme right is not electorally taking advantage of parliamentary support for the PP. Their support does not wane, but neither does it grow.

That is why Pablo Casado took advantage of the closing of the PP National Convention to reformulate his approach, once again, and return to the starting box, when he was elected president of the party in 2018. In Valencia, Casado launched an identity speech, which he assumed all the ideological frameworks of Vox, from the hispanophobia to the criticisms of the social and equality laws launched by the coalition government. The message was forged throughout the conclave, except for small details of moderation and pragmatism launched by Mariano Rajoy on the first day. The stellar performances of José María Aznar or Mario Vargas Llosa prevented any hint of centrality.

Once the absorption of Ciudadanos is launched, a project that grows fat every day with a continuous trickle of local and autonomous positions from the ranks of Inés Arrimadas to those of Casado, guided by Albert Rivera’s former plumber, Fran Hervías, the strategists Genoa have launched the recovery of the PP voters who left with the split led by Alejo Vidal-Quadras.

Abascal’s response has come from several fronts. The first has been to demand, now, to negotiate the budget items to support the 2022 accounts of municipalities and autonomous communities governed in a minority by the PP. But the one who was a friend of Casado, welcomed along with Ayuso and so many others under the same protective mantle that Esperanza Aguirre extended, has also warned that in the next electoral cycle they will demand to enter into a coalition in the governments that require their votes.

That includes the central government. And Abascal begins to mark his own profile: “In Genoa13 they will have to choose if they continue to be a cheap photocopy of the PSOE or join the patriotic alternative. If they buy the progressive speeches betraying their voters again or if they join the Spain Agenda. No one with a progressive agenda will arrive at Moncloa with VOX votes. ”


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