“No one invests in a country where something happens every day”

Manuel Pizarro ABC

the good old days

Manuel Pizarro. Former President of Endesa

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—You announced the last crisis and nobody believed you.

“People don't want bad news. The polls the day after the debate reflected the electoral result.

—But the crisis came anyway.

—People don't go to the doctor because they don't want to know they have the disease.

"But we like to proclaim an end of the world every quarter of an hour."

—It is the society of the spectacle. We want strong emotions. The immediacy of everything.

—Each piece of news has to be more brutal than the previous one.

“People have gotten used to the drug of the moment.

We like to exaggerate.

—But in the end what happens is there, and inflation is rising.

“Everyone is on vacation. There are no tickets.

-After ...

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