«No more short-term measures to guarantee governability»

«No more short-term measures to guarantee governability»

ANDThe president of the Institute of Family Business (IEFF), Francisco J. Riberas, gave a little tug of the ears to the president of the Government when affirming that "we can not allow ourselves to continue adopting short-term measures with the main purpose of guaranteeing governability " The words of Riberas linked with the possible future recession that international organizations are beginning to talk about, and that could catch Spain with the duties without doing since, according to Riberas said, the Spanish economy is in a worse situation than the one of 2008, for example in the level of indebtedness or unemployment.

"We know that the political situation in our country is not easy, however, now that we are approaching the anniversary of our Constitution, it would be necessary to appeal to the consensus spirit of those years, to make important decisions for the future of our country."

Sanchez, for his part, advanced that the executive has been working for two months on an Agenda for the change of structural reforms for sustainable and fair growth, which he will soon submit to the European Commission.

This Agenda aims to generate greater productivity and improve competitiveness indices, which have fallen back in recent years, as well as gain social and territorial cohesion, which is fundamental and constitutes "one of the lessons of the crisis," he said.

He explained that this Agenda for the change of structural reforms for sustainable and just growth will consist of seven axes, including the need to make an energy transition and fight against climate change, undertake reforms in active employment policies and also reform the system of universities and professional training.

The 5G deployment, support for entrepreneurship, the digitization of public administrations and the strengthening of institutional quality to improve the functioning of markets are other key issues of that agenda.


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