Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

No meeting points for a solution to the Catalan conflict

Debate del 28-A: Sin puntos de encuentro para una solución al conflicto catalán

The debate of the list heads for Barcelona for him 28-A has once again shown that there are no meeting points between the different parties to address the conflict between Catalonia and Spain. In the debate organized by The vanguard and held this Wednesday at the CCCB in Barcelona, ​​the candidates have put forward some proposals but the reproaches ended up breaking down bridges if ever there were.

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Jaume Asens (In Comú-Podem) has proposed a law of clarity to be able to exercise the right to decide in Catalonia; Gabriel Rufián, of ERC, has defended a dialogue table of all the parties in which "we do not deny each other" and with monthly meetings, and Meritxell Batet (PSC) has been favorable to establish a dialogue within the law, for which he has asked the independence movement to renounce unilateralism. For Laura Borràs, number two of JxCat, the solution is independence.

Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, of the PP, does not see a possible solution if it is not assumed that the independence movement is xenophobic, while Inés Arrimadas, of Ciudadanos, has preferred to attribute part of the problem to the governments of the PP and the PSOE and has joined the story of the popular candidate to accuse of supremacistas to the independentistas candidates.

Alvarez de Toledo attacks have sprinkled the whole debate and has only opened to a collaboration of the PP with Citizens to end the independence aspirations.

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