August 3, 2021

No fatalities on the roads since the beginning of Puente del Pilar

No fatalities on the roads since the beginning of Puente del Pilar

Spanish roads have not registered any mortal accidents since the beginning of the special operation of El Pilar started up by the General Directorate of Traffic.

According to sources told Efe DGT, has not occurred until 20:00 hours today, the second day of the special device, no mortal sinister, as there was yesterday.

The special Traffic device, which started at 3:00 PM yesterday with complications at departures from Madrid and retentions in Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Malaga and Granada, foresees 5.1 million trips until Sunday.

The displacements have occurred mainly towards tourist areas of coast and mountain, second residences and leisure areas near urban centers, without forgetting the populations that celebrate their popular festivals, mainly in Aragon.

Traffic has warned that the Civil Guard will also carry out alcohol and drug checks on any type of road at any time and will intensify the surveillance of conventional roads.

In the operation of the bridge involved about 6,000 agents of the Civil Guard Traffic Association and more than 800 officials and specialized technical personnel who provide supervision, regulation and information in the different Traffic Management centers, in addition to 13,000 employees of the companies of conservation and exploitation of the different routes.


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