No change for the Olympic torch run in Japan

The Japanese authorities reported today that next Thursday, as planned, the tour of Japan of the Olympic torch will begin, despite doubts about a possible postponement of the sports events.

This was stated by the Japanese minister for the Olympic Games, Seiko Hashimoto, in statements to journalists when asked about the latest official announcements that speak of the possibility of accepting a postponement of sports competitions by COVID-19.

Hashimoto confirmed that, as initially planned, the torch will start its tour next Thursday from Fukushima prefecture, north of Tokyo, and plans to go through the entire country before lighting the cauldron at the start of the Olympics.

The minister, however, opened the door that "very soon" there will be consultations about how the Olympic torch course will be carried out based on the initial programmed plans.

The torch arrived in Japan last Friday, but the initial tour in Greece was tarnished by the absence of a public, as requested by the Greek authorities, and in fact a Japanese Olympic delegation could not travel to that country because when its members arrived in Athens they would have to observe a quarantine.

But the International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced in the last hours that before the global advance of COVID-19 it will analyze in the coming weeks the possibility of changing the start dates, initially scheduled for July 24.


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