Nitro becomes champion of FMS Chile by beating Riddler

Drafting culture, Apr 4 (EFE) .- Nitro was proclaimed champion of the Freestyle Master Series (FMS) Chile after defeating the leader Acertijo in the last and decisive battle of the second season.

The santiaguino, who started as second classified before the start of the day with the same 16 points as the first, emulated the feat achieved by Bnet in FMS Spain seven days ago and managed to overcome Acertijo.

Both roosters relied on themselves to claim the league's best improviser title in 2021 as third-ranked Jiminy Cricket lost his mathematical chances of claiming the title by failing to win his match against Joqqer.

The even duel between two of the most fit competitors on the Chilean scene had to be decided in the replica, the only possible outcome that would have served Pepe Grillo to become champion.

Nitro, with more experience on the circuit, eased the pressure better in the final moments, handled the plot battle against Acertijo and succeeded his partner Teorema as the king of Chilean improvisation.

"Thanks to those who have supported me on this long journey. I am very happy to see how freestyle grows," Nitro said excitedly after winning the cup.

Nitro's victory represents an unprecedented milestone in FMS history, as never before has a champion been crowned who had not previously triumphed in the Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos. Precisely, his victory avoided the 'double' of Riddler, who months ago was proclaimed national champion of Red Bull.

"Congratulations to Nitro. His triumph is well deserved. I am a worker of 'freestyle' and I am going to continue breaking my back to pull the scene up," said Acertijo after the confrontation.

Despite not getting the double crown, the native of Concepción will accompany the champion, Pepe Grillo and Jokker to FMS International as representatives of Chilean rap.

Jokker, for his part, needed a replica to defeat Ricto. The veteran accepted Jokker's superiority sportingly and ended the confrontation of his own free will, yielding the victory without the final verdict of the jury.

"My retirement is final. If I felt bad when I lost due to unnecessary aftershocks, I also feel bad to win due to unnecessary aftershocks. You have to know how to lose. Success to the next ones who follow," said Ricto on his social networks.

"The king of metrics" officially announced that he will not participate in the next season of FMS Chile, so the organization will replace his withdrawal with a guest.

In the lower part of the classification, Esezeta and El Menor certified their descent and will not be part of the list of ten participants that will make up the league the following year.

El Menor, the great pearl of the Chilean scene, ended his career in the competition after a fateful season in which he started as one of the main favorites and ended up sunk in the table.

The 18-year-old defeated after a reply to Teorema, another of the discordant notes of the year. The Cañetino, champion last edition, will have to play the 'play-off' to ensure his presence in FMS Chile next year against Erreka, third place in the promotion rankings.

For his part, Esezeta failed to score points against Tom Crowley, who with his victory came out of the penultimate position of the table and rose to fifth place.

Rolling and Anubis, first and second classified in the fight for promotion, will be the new promoted to the league for next season.

David Timón and Pedro Martín


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