April 18, 2021

Nissan will cut its production in Barcelona by some ten thousand more vehicles

Nissan will cut its production in Barcelona by some ten thousand more vehicles


The Nissan plant in Barcelona will reduce its production in about ten thousand vehicles in the first part of your next fiscal year, according to the work plan that the management has communicated to the unions and that will leave the factory running at 30% of its capacity. Specifically, the advance of the production plan for the period April-August 2019 foresees a cut of about 10,000 units, which has raised the concern of the unions to the trend of volume loss suffered by the plant of the Free Trade Zone for months now.

"We are very worried about the trend, and next July the production will be further reduced because the NV200 combustion van will stop being manufactured and the electric van will return to more moderate volumes," said Efe union leader of CCOO at Nissan, Miguel Ángel Boiza.

According to the trade unionist, the NV200's electric model, the e-NV200, for which the Japan multinational has bet, is now assembled at a rate of about 76 units a day, but will return to 40 or 50 units from 1 of April.

For its part, a spokesman for the car company has assured that the production cut responds to an initial forecast and that this trend could be reversed in the second part of the fiscal year depending on the behavior of the demand. The continued market volatility In some of the countries to which the Barcelona plant exports its pick-up vehicles, including the Gulf countries and Turkey, it explains the changes in planning, he said.

With the current numbers, the plant of Nissan Free Zone will probably close its fiscal year on March 31 with a production of about 76,000 units, and the number initially planned for the next exercise would be about 66,000, far from the 200,000 units for those who have capacity.

Boiza has expressed concern about how these production cuts can affect employment, since a surplus of labor is foreseen. In recent months, the company committees of Nissan Zona Franca and Montcada have held meetings with different public administrations to warn of low production and the lack of an industrial project.

The company highlighted on Wednesday that the factory in Barcelona "continues to focus on the competitiveness and quality of the family production of pick-ups for Nissan, Renault and Daimler, and for e-NV200".

Nissan employs some 3,300 people in Zona Franca and Montcada, and has other production centers in Ávila and Cantabria.


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