March 6, 2021

Nisman told me he had tests but they never showed up

Argentine presidential candidate Alberto Fernandez said on Wednesday, after declaring in the process for the pact that the government of his co-religionist Cristina Fernández (2007-2015) signed with Iran in 2013, that prosecutor Alberto Nisman told him he had evidence against her, although "they never appeared".

He is also former chief of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Executive of Néstor Kirchner (2003-2007) and of the first months of Fernández, who now accompanies him as a candidate for vice president, was called to testify as a witness by Judge Claudio Bonadio to say what who knows about that controversial agreement, that Nisman – dead in strange circumstances – believed he intended to cover up terrorists.

"They asked me about my public statements about the pact with Iran, they all know that I have been critical of that, they all know that I did not agree with that measure (the agreement) and that I have also said a thousand times that it is a political issue not judiciable, "said the Peronist lawyer in statements to the press.

Alberto Fernández, who until last May announced his electoral alliance with the former senator and current senator was a decade away from her and became very critical of various aspects of his management, had alluded in an interview in 2015 to a supposed " concealment "through the agreement with Iran.

"I saw Nisman in December, when he told me at the supermarket: 'I have tried the cover-up.' And I laughed and told him, the cover-up already exists, is the treaty, the agreement, the pact, that is the consummation of the concealment, "he said in an interview with journalist Nelson Castro on the TN channel.

This Wednesday, Fernandez questioned that he has been summoned to declare only for having given his "opinion" in the past and remarked that those statements were a "continuity" of a talk he had previously had with the same presenter in a radio program.

"In that program I talked about other things and Nelson Castro brought me back to that point, and what I had previously said with Nelson Castro is to make a parallel between Nisman's questioning and the political question," he remarked.

The agreement with Iran – which in Argentina was declared unconstitutional and in the Persian country was not validated – aimed to establish a joint investigation of the 1994 attack against the Buenos Aires AMIA, which left 85 dead, and whose authorship is attributed to the Hezbollah group and former senior Iranian officials.

In January 2015, Nisman accused Cristina Fernández and part of her government of using that agreement to cover up the alleged Iranian terrorists in exchange for improving the commercial relationship with Iran, something she has always denied.

Four days later, the prosecutor appeared dead in circumstances that are still being investigated and the complaint he had filed was initially dismissed by Judge Daniel Rafecas, although it was reopened in 2016.

"My biggest question (to the signed memorandum) is to have ceded the Argentine jurisdiction in favor of an international commission formed by five people, and from that point on, I interpreted that this could help to conceal the authors," argued Alberto Fernández. the doors of the courts.

"Nisman also told me in addition that he had a series of tests that never appeared, and the questioning that I made in this talk has to do exclusively with the way in which Judge Rafecas, applying logical but absolutely theoretical logics, dismissed the complaint, "he completed.

When asked by a journalist if his summons was "a more political move" – ​​there are just over three months left for the presidential elections – the candidate said there are "no doubts".

After the reopening of the case in which the alleged irregularities in the agreement with Iran are investigated, the exmandataria was tried with preventive detention, although she was not detained because she had parliamentary privileges.

Bonadio sent the case to the oral trial, which in addition to Cristina Fernández affects other former officials of his administration.

The summons to Alberto Fernández -who assures that the ex-president has no responsibility in any of the many accusations that weigh on her for corruption- had been requested in May by the lawyer of relatives of victims of the attack in the Tomás Farini Duggan case.

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