Wed. Dec 11th, 2019

Nintendo patents a control for Switch in the form of SNES

Nintendo You have registered the patent of a new command for Switch whose silhouette reminds of the classic 16-bit console Super nintendo (SNES) The Japanese company has carried out the registration of this new Bluetooth controller in the Federal Communications Commission of the United States, the body that has the responsibility of approving any device with wireless connections before it is put up for sale.

A user of ResetEra forums It has been who has located the existence of this record, whose diagram shows a silhouette that clearly reminds the Super Nintendo controller (although without cable) and in which the acronym “HAC” can be identified, the same ones that carry other accessories and hardware products for Nintendo Switch.

Diagram of the patent registered by Nintendo

Diagram of the patent registered by Nintendo

Although a patent of these characteristics does not guarantee that this command will be marketed, the registry points to the possibility that SNES games can reach Switch in the future. In fact, since last September the Japanese company sells a replica of the NES command (the predecessor of SNES) designed to play the games of this classic console available in the service Nintendo Switch Online.

Super Nintendo was one of the most successful 16-bit consoles during the first half of the 90s and the addition of its games in the Switch online service catalog is one of the most repeated demands by the user community of this console.

Recently, the Japanese company sold a miniaturized replica of its classic consoles with the launch of
NES Classic Mini
Super NES Classic Mini
. Both devices accumulated combined sales that have exceeded 10 million units sold, according to data from Nintendo itself.

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