July 29, 2021

Nine Senate Democrats revalidate their seat in the Senate

Nine Senate Democrats revalidate their seat in the Senate

Nine Senate Democrats today revalidated their seat in the Senate in mid-term legislative elections, according to the projections of several local media.

Senators Ben Cardin, for Maryland; Elizabeth Warren, for Massachusetts; Sheldon Whitehouse, for Rhode Island; Bob Casey, for Pennsylvania, and Thomas Carper, for Delaware, were imposed on their Republican rivals in the polls of their respective states, as expected, thus getting re-election.

Also, Chris Murphy, for Connecticut; Sherrod Brown, for Ohio; and Tim Kaine, for Virginia, did the same in their respective electoral battles.

For his part, independent Senator Bernie Sanders, who is part of the Democratic caucus in Vermont and was a candidate for the Democratic Party primaries for the 2016 presidential election, easily surpassed his Republican rival, Lawrence Zupan, a real estate agent , according to those calculations.

The victory of these Democratic senators does not represent a surprise, because the surveys already anticipated it.

The polls show a favorable outlook for Democrats in the House of Representatives, where they need to win 23 seats to recover a majority that Republicans have held since 2011.

In the Senate, on the contrary, the map is much less conducive to progressives, where they have to defend more seats than Republicans, and in especially conservative states.

Currently, the Republicans have a majority of 51 to 49 in the Upper House, and polls suggest that they will keep it.

Of the 35 seats in the Senate that are contested today, Democrats have to defend 26, while Republicans must protect only nine seats.


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