Nine out of 10 abusers tried in the Canary Islands are found guilty - The Province

Nine out of 10 abusers tried in the Canary Islands are found guilty - The Province

Convictions in trials by gender violence in the Canary Islands they surpass the rest of the State by almost 20 points, since in 2018 they reached a percentage of 88.3 percent compared to 70.5 percent, that is, almost nine out of every 10 defendants were found guilty in the Islands, against the seven of the rest of Spain. A total of 2,537 males, 7 percent more than in 2017, were judged in the Archipelago by violence against women, being 2,240 convicted. In global figures, there were 50,370 judgments handed down in courts and audiences provincial, of which were 34,994 and 15,376 convictions, acquittals. In both statistics, there is an increase in sentences and also in requests for protection.

These data are exposed in the report published yesterday by the Observatory against Gender Violence of the General Council of the Judiciary, which figures in more than 158,000 women victims of sexist violence in the complaints presented, which last year were 166,961, 0.4 percent more than in 2017, of which 8,342 were collected in the Canary Islands, 7.3 percent a hundred less compared to the previous year, when they amounted to 9,003.

Fourth community of Spain

However, although the number of complaints decreased last year compared to the previous one, the Islands are the fourth autonomous community in the rate of women victims of gender violence per 10,000 women. Baleares, Valencia and Murcia precede it in the list, although the average of the Canary Islands exceeds in 12.09 cases -78.9 percent- the national, which was 66.56. There were 8,342 complaints filed in the archipelago for violence against women and 2,199 petitions for protection orders were requested, of which 1,326 were accepted and 827 rejected. 45 were not admitted.

Of the 50,370 sentences issued in Spain, the courts of violence against women issued 20,963, of which 18,095 were convictions; the criminal courts issued 29,028, with 16,586 convictions; in the provincial hearings, for penalties of more than five years in prison, 379 rulings were issued, of which 313 the accused were found guilty and in juvenile courts, 249 minors were tried last year, a figure below 266. year 2017

In the archipelago, 8,466 were the victims listed in the 8,342 complaints filed, of which 6,806 were Spanish and 1,660 foreign. The women who accepted the dispensation (the victim accepts the waiver of the obligation to testify as a witness) were 867, of which 593 were Spanish and 274 from other nationalities. At the national level, the figure was 17,347 cases, of which 11,106 were Spanish and 6,241 were foreign.

The accused who were prosecuted for violence against women in the Canary Islands rose in 2018 to 2,537, with 1,753 of Spanish nationality and 487, foreigners. In the previous year 2,317 had been tried, of these, 1,603 were of Spanish nationality and the rest, foreign citizens.

Regarding minors prosecuted for gender violence, there were 24, three of them foreigners and 21 nationals. Sentences with sentences were 21, of which 20 were for compliance.

The Observatory against Gender Violence of the General Council of the Judiciary figures in 172,511 crimes committed by sexist violence in 2018. Of this amount, the greatest number were injuries and ill-treatment typified in article 153 of the Penal Code [plantea las penas de violencia doméstica y las agrava cuando esta violencia ocurre en el domicilio familiar, en el de la víctima, en presencia de menores o si se quebranta una orden de alejamiento], with 92,951, 53.9 percent of the total, followed by 20,043 of injuries and ill-treatment included in Article 173 of the Criminal Code. This article makes reference to the incrimination of the conduct of work harassment and real estate harassment and provides that anyone who inflicts degrading treatment on another person, seriously undermining their moral integrity and that constitute a serious harassment against the victim of the crime of abuse

The breaches of protective measures, breach of sentences, against freedom and against moral integrity are the most numerous after those of mistreatment of victims.

National increase

At the state level, the interannual increase of 3.1 percent in convictions for gender-based violence in the judicial bodies, with the historical maximum of 70.45 percent and the increase in the orders of protection requested and of which were granted, as well as the rise of 0.4 percent in the number of complaints filed and the 0.2 percent increase in women of gender violence in the total number of complaints presented are the most relevant data of the Observatory report .

The director of the Observatory, Angeles Carmona, highlights the significant increase in sentences for batterers and requests for protection orders and those that have been granted.

However, Carmona believes that the increase in complaints filed in the courts "puts us back in a scenario in which it is positive that all violent behaviors towards women and children arise, but it is evident that it shakes us internally, because We are talking about unattainable figures, unfit for a mature and civilized society. "


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