March 3, 2021

Nine dead in traffic accidents between Christmas Eve and Christmas

Nine people have died in the seven fatal traffic accidents that occurred between Tuesday, Christmas Eve, and this Wednesday, Christmas Day, and the death toll rises to 21 since the special operation for the Christmas holidays began on Friday, December 20 .

This has been reported to Efe by the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT), which has specified that the 21 people have lost their lives in the 18 fatal accidents that have occurred since 3 pm on the 20th and 8 pm on Wednesday.

Three young people in their 20s have died this Wednesday in Madrid in an accident on the M-50, at kilometer 37.

Yesterday, 6 people died, including two pedestrians, a cyclist and a biker, in six accidents.

While last Monday, December 23, two people, one of them a pedestrian, lost their lives in separate claims.

Last Sunday there were no fatal traffic accidents but on Saturday, December 21, when 8 people died (two of them pedestrians and a biker) in seven accidents.

And on Friday, the 20th, the beginning of the DGT’s special Christmas operation, two people died in two accidents.

On the other hand, the main entrances to Madrid register retentions late in the afternoon and there are also complications of entry into Barcelona.

The special Christmas operation began at 3:00 p.m. on Friday, December 20 and will end on January 6, a period in which 19.8 million trips are planned.

It is divided into three phases coinciding with the main holidays, the first of which, called “Christmas”, started last Friday and ends midnight on Wednesday 25.

During this holiday period, the breathalyzer controls have been intensified and drones are used to monitor conventional roads.

Traffic recommends being careful on short and night journeys and paying special attention to adverse weather conditions (such as rain, fog, ice, snow and wind), which may appear at any time during these winter dates.


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