May 13, 2021

Nine dead and two wounded in shooting in the Mexican state of Jalisco

Nine people were killed and two were injured during a shooting between police officers in the state of Jalisco (western Mexico) and alleged criminals in the municipality of Tlaquepaque while investigating an alleged kidnapping, the entity’s Attorney General’s office said Friday.

In a statement, the agency explained that two of the dead belong to the Prosecutor’s Office, including an agent of the Public Ministry and a coordinator of the Vehicle Theft Investigation Unit, of that agency.

Local media also reported the death of five men and a woman who were allegedly deprived of liberty on a farm, as well as a passerby who was caught in the middle of the crossfire.

The agency indicated that members of the Unit of Investigation of Theft to Vehicles of the Office of the Prosecutor carried out investigations of a farm in the Las Huertas neighborhood of Tlaquepaque, where they allegedly had several persons deprived of liberty when they were attacked by subjects With long weapons.

“On the site there was knowledge of a house in which several people were deprived of liberty and the staff went to verify the situation,” said the prosecution.

The shooting continued for several minutes in the surrounding streets, where a woman and a minor were injured by the bullets.

The prosecutor’s office said it was on the farm “there were indications that presume the commission of several crimes.”

Jalisco is one of the states with the greatest presence of Jalisco New Generation Cartel activity, which is led by Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, known as “El Mencho”.

Another confrontation with gunshots between military and armed subjects also took place this Friday, March 6, outside the Social Security Clinic (IMSS) in the city of Culiacán, Sinaloa, northwest Mexico.

According to reports from the Ministry of Public Security, the group of armed men entered the emergency department to kill a man who had been previously injured during another confrontation.

Armed subjects, who attempted to flee, were intercepted by the Security Forces and attempted to escape, but were later detained, as were the subject who was injured and made available to the Prosecutor’s Office.


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