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This week 'Babelia' gathers reviews of books by Reynaldo Sietecase, Aurora Egido, Nicolás Sartorius, Annie Le Brun, Alberto Chimal, Marta Carnicero, Esther García Llovet, Ezra Pound and Álvaro Valverde

Do not ask for anything

The reader of 'Do not ask for anything', by Reynaldo Sietecase, is witness to an uninterrupted political violence, as if the fall of the Argentine dictatorship had been only a fiction. Criticism ALBERTO MANGUEL

The manipulation of language

Nicolás Sartorius publishes two books in which he alternates the historical analysis with its own political memory. Criticism of ANTONIO ELORZA


A new translation dares with that impregnable fortress that are the 'Cantos' of Ezra Pound. Criticism of EDGARDO DOBRY

The sky according to Google

Marta Carnicero's first novel, 'Heaven according to Google', in a few pages arms a tragedy about love whose remnant of excitement sticks to the end. Criticism of CARLOS PARDO

What is priceless

The poet and critic Annie Le Brun uncovers the degradation and ugliness promoted by artists-entrepreneurs, gallerists-scouts and art critics-curators-prescribers. Criticism of ÁNGELA MOLINA

The quarter of the sirocco

'El cuarto del sirocco' is a setting that serves Alvaro Valverde as a metaphor for poetry: a space that protects time and life, a refuge. Criticism of ANTONIO ORTEGA

For the pleasure of reading Cervantes

Aurora Egido's book brings together almost twenty studies that have appeared over the last few years about the work of the author of 'Quijote'. Criticism of JOSÉ ANTONIO MILLÁN

Hands of fire

The universe of the Mexican Alberto Chimal is in no man's land, between the hardest and most violent reality and that ability to enter the fantastic. Critique of JAVIER GOÑI


The narrative lucidity of Esther García Llovet is great. As much as that of his characters in the novel 'Sánchez'. Critique of J. ERNESTO AYALA-DIP


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