June 14, 2021

Nike removes the new Bara shirt because it misses – La Provincia

As announced by Sport on June 13, FC Barcelona He had planned to put the new first-team kit on sale next week, coinciding with the derby against RCD Espanyol, but the multinational Nike has ordered all the stores that sell Barça products Stop the sales of the new shirt and return them to their suppliers, explains the newspaper Sport, from the Prensa Ibérica group.

It turns out that Nike had already shipped most of the orders and some of the stores were already receiving them. The reason is none other than a manufacturing problem that causes the shirts to fade with sweat or when washing.. Never before has a similar event occurred in this North American company that has preferred to make this drastic decision before the battered product reaches the hands of the consumer.

This measure may represent significant losses for both Barça stores and licensees given that the summer period is always very good in sales. Also, if the team continues to advance in the Champions League would coincide in the month of August.

Finish the surplus of the previous one

The only positive aspect of what happened is that the accumulated surplus of the current plaid shirt, product of the closing of the stores by the Covid-19, may be reduced, although in no case will it offset the effect that each year entails. the launch and worldwide presentation of a new shirt at the end of the season.

For Nike it is a very strong blow But the Seattle-based company has reacted decisively to minimize the harm that would come from a defective product reaching its customers and those of FC Barcelona. However, it is surprising that shirts that pass various quality controls turn out to be defective.

The new shirt recovers the traditional stripes although it stands out because they are surrounded by a yellow border. The second kit of the next season will be black and the third will be the most groundbreaking for its pink color.


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