March 8, 2021

Nike removes shoes with a symbol considered racist after the protest of Kaepernick | Economy

Nike pricked into bone with the special version of the Air Max to celebrate Independence Day, which bears on the heel the flag known as the Betsy Ross. The signature of sportswear decides to remove the shoe from the sale with the old American banner after the protest of Colin Kaepernick. The former American football player, turned into an activist, considers him an offensive symbol for blacks.

The model of the controversy is the Air Max 1 Quick Strike Fourth of July. It is white, with the Nike symbol in blue and the reinforcements in the toe and heel in red, the colors of the flag of the stars and stripes. So far so good. The problem is that the Betsy Ross is associated with slavery and used as a symbol extremist groups and white supremacists such as the Nazi Party.

Colin Kaepernick unleashed the controversy in the US three years ago kneeling during the national anthem at the start of matches in protest against police violence, racial inequality and social injustice suffered by the African-American community. President Donald Trump criticized him harshly. But the Republican's attack did not catapult his protest movement.

The American athlete, who played for the San Francisco 49, He starred in a campaign for Nike that went viral around the world in which the sports brand again took part in a debate that creates suspicion. The protest led her along with former teammate Eric Reid. The two sued the American football league for allegedly plotting with the teams to prevent them from playing.

It was a matter of time before the controversy over the July 4th shoe became a political issue. The governor of Arizona, the Republican Doug Ducey, went to the social networks to announce that he ordered the withdrawal of the incentives offered to Nike to settle in an old Goodyear factory. "I can not stop showing my discontent with this terrible decision", he affirms when criticizing the decision of the brand, "I feel ashamed".

The most conservative Twitter users also ask for a boycott. They consider that instead of celebrating the history of the United States the same week in which their independence is celebrated, Nike decides to despise with its decision the flag by pure political correctness. "American companies should be proud of the history of our country," the governor insists, "not abandon it."

The flag of Betsy Ross shows 13 white stars in a circle. It was designed during the revolution to represent the original colonies. Slavery was legal when the United States declared its independence. The shoe was already in the process of being distributed by the stores. It was offered for 140 dollars. But the company decided to withdraw it immediately after the protest of Kaepernick and this Tuesday is not shown on its website.

The peers that came to the market are being offered this Tuesday on resale for about $ 2,500 on the StockX auction platform. Nike shares, meanwhile, started the session with a slight drop of 0.5%. Last week ended the year with revenues of 39,120 million, a 7% increase. Doubled the benefit to 4,030 million

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