Nightlife proposes using the covid passport and keeping the masks

Nightlife calls for courage and advocates using covid passport and masks

Nightlife calls for courage and advocates using covid passport and masks

The nightlife sector has demanded "courage" from political leaders to recover their activity, and has drawn up a plan that advocates the use of the "passport Covid"and masks on the dance floor to remove restrictions on interpersonal distance as soon as possible.

Their proposal, presented this Tuesday, estimates that in 2020 they closed definitively 690 nightclubs in Spain (46% of the total) and more than 4,200 pubs and music bars (28%), since the vast majority could not reopen even a single day since March 2020.

The plan, prepared by the consulting firm EY and the Juntos por la Hostelería platform - which in addition to bars, restaurants and hotels brings together the mass consumption sector and the food industry - also reflects the interest of nightlife entrepreneurs in presenting projects to receive European funds "Next Generation".

According to the president of the Spain by Night association, Ramón Mas, discos, concert halls and music bars "This summer more than 5,000 million vital euros are at stake for the reconstruction of the economic sector most affected by the coronavirus", and has affected that its future depends "on the decisions adopted by the autonomous communities" in the coming days.

Discotheques and pubs are committed to a "gradual reopening" that will serve as "containment dam against irregular activities", and in this sense its promoters have recalled the images of street parties and large bottles registered in some cities in recent months.

They have also alleged reasons related to mental health and the levels of happiness of citizens to promote this reopening sooner.

Reopen the dance floors

For all this they claim "recover the authenticity of the experience" and that its opening hours be extended as vaccination progresses; at first they defend that the use of the bars be allowed to order and collect drinks, but preventing people from consuming them in these areas.

They also urge to reopen the dance floors, although with a capacity of 33% compared to their usual capacity "and making the use of masks mandatory ".

Regarding interpersonal distance, bet on applying a meter and a half between the different groups although they trust that this type of restrictions will end up being eliminated throughout the summer.

In addition, his proposal includes "recover the activity of boxes and reserved that allow the meeting of groups of social partners ".

The strategy announced today also includes implementing "tracking systems" -to be able to warn attendees in case of contagion- and that establishments that wish to be allowed to demand a vaccination certificate or a negative antigen test from users.

Likewise, the sector defends that with the current rate of vaccination, group immunity will soon be achieved -when 70% of the population has received the vaccine-, so it hopes to be "100% open and with the dance floor recovered "by the end of August.

According to their estimates, nightlife had a turnover before the pandemic of around 20,000 million euros a year (its sales closed 2020 with a drop of 84%) and gave job about 200,000 people.

Return to activity

The event was also attended by the general director of the employers' association Espirituosos de España, Bosco Torremocha, who has urged "not to criminalize people for wanting to recover their life" when going out again and not "to the businessmen who facilitate it" through "safe alternatives."

"The autonomous communities have to be brave and take a step forward. I ask politicians for courage, because we are in a very different page from last year ", For his part, the president of Spain at Night, Ramón Mas, has pointed out.

In his opinion, the clubs have "the experience and the right staff" to guarantee the "traceability"when managing the data of those attending the rooms in the face of possible warnings if contagions occur.

Mas has cited as an argument the "success" of the tests carried out in a Love of Lesbian concert with 5,000 people and in other similar tests, and has insisted that the European "Next Generation" funds are "a magnificent opportunity" to finance "investments in renewable energy, new ventilation systems and digitization measures" also for nightlife.

"We are the safest and quietest alternative for young and not so young before the uncontrolled leisure in the streets ", he stressed during the presentation.


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