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Nicols Villalobos: "We are satisfied to lead a responsible project" – La Provincia

What does it mean for Be Cordial Hotels & Resorts to be recognized with the Innobankia 2018 award in the Canary Islands in the sustainability category?

It is in the DNA of our chain to relate from the heart, that is, cordially, with our environment, social and environmental. For this reason, the distinction to be Cordial Hotels & Resorts with the Innobankia 2018 award in the Canary Islands in the category of sustainability we have lived with great pride and satisfaction and has been a gratifying reinforcement that encourages us to persevere tirelessly in our Corporate Social Responsibility.

There is in the tourism sector who still considers that sustainability is more an attractive term as a promotional hook than a reality linked to the environment and, also, to European regulations. Do you think they are still in time to change that chip?

The chip change is taking place and the short-term is being overcome. Companies understand that maximizing shareholder value in the long term requires a responsible and sustainable relationship with the agents with whom it interacts; customers, administrations, suppliers and, in general, the community in which it is based and its environment.

What has been the group's environmental and sustainability policy and what has it consisted of?

Our chain, honoring its commercial brand, since its birth there in 2004 has been committed to the Corporate Social Responsibility. The concretions are innumerable.

As an example, I list some of them: In several of the chain's establishments, Sanitary Hot Water is heated with biomass, a neutral fuel from the point of view of CO2 emission into the atmosphere and that helps to fix population in the forested areas contributing to protect our forest mass and in the personnel selection processes we positively discriminate in favor of the residents of the areas where our establishments are established, thereby facilitating greater family conciliation and an opportunity for professional development for the inhabitants of Each region

Likewise, as a chain we have renounced to offer All Inclusive, chasing that our guests leave the establishments to enjoy the tourist destination contributing with it to distribute the wealth generated by Tourism in addition to having valued ethnographic assets in the surroundings of the Hotel Cordial Mogán Playa with an important economic investment in the recovery of the aboriginal necropolis of La Crucecita and the construction of a walk that links it to the site of the residential area of ​​Lomo Los Gatos.

Among other actions, we are Hotel friend of Unicef ​​and we collaborate with many organizations such as the Food Bank, Caritas, Challenge, Asdownsur, Spanish Association Against Cancer, and much more.

What investment has it entailed and, on the other hand, what benefits does it entail?

The investment has not been smaller but we are sure that it has been and is profitable in terms of satisfaction with the duty fulfilled and pride of belonging to a responsible project. And eye, not only speak of satisfaction and pride of workers, but I include the shareholders of the Group, meaning actors of our Gran Canaria society, who from the management bodies have determined our corporate idiosyncrasy.

BeCordial Hotels & Resorts was born in 2004 with 470 accommodation units in Gran Canaria. What is the current situation of the important group?

Be Cordial Hotels & Resorts was born as such in January 2004, assuming the management of three extra-hotel establishments located in Playa del Inglés and Maspalomas (the Cordial Biarritz, Cordial Green Golf and Cordial Sandy Golf Bungalows).

Soon we incorporated our flagship, the Cordial Mogán Playa Hotel in Puerto de Mogán, and four years later the Cordial Mogán Valle Apartments in the same destination. In 2017, the Cordial Roca Negra Hotel in Agaete joins the chain, in 2018 the Cordial Muelle Viejo Vacation Homes in Puerto de Mogán.

In this 2019 we have joined the Cordial Mogán Paraíso Apartments and the Cordial Mogán Solaz Vacation Homes, in Playa del Inglés the Cordial Judoca Beach Apartments and Bungalows Cordial Macaro Beach and in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria the Cordial Vista Acuario Hotel as the first Urban hotel of the chain.

In addition, our chain carries the integral management of the Marina Elite Apartments in Playa de Balito and we manage the marketing of the Riviera Vista Hotel in Playa del Cura, the Montecarlo Apartments in Puerto Rico, the Tauro Villas Vacation Homes, the Montemayor Apartments in Playa del Inglés and the Melva Suites Hotel in Firgas.

Are there expansion plans?

Yes, next year we plan to open four small and luxurious hotels in emblematic buildings in the Triana-Vegueta area: Cordial Malteses Boutique Hotel, Cordial Peregrina Boutique Hotel, La Niña de Vegueta Boutique Hotel and Galdós Jardín Boutique Hotel.

And at the beginning of next year we plan to open the Cordial Santa Águeda Holiday Homes at the mouth of the Arguineguín ravine, a development that will mark a milestone in the history of Grancanario holiday tourism by opening a new development pole with a disruptive product of the highest quality.

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