Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

Nicols Laiz Placeres and Manu Blzquez exhibit the results of their residency at the CAAM - La Provincia

Nicols Laiz Placeres and Manu Blzquez exhibit the results of their residency at the CAAM - La Provincia

The Atlantic Center of Modern Art (CAAM) of Gran Canaria presents the exhibitions of the first two artists of this year who have developed their period of residence, for a month, in this art center: the Lanzarote artist Nicolás Laiz Pleasures, presenting the project Leisure and space, and the Valencian Manu Blázquez, with Variations of 12.

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The exhibitions of both artists will open this Friday, April 12, at 8:00 p.m., in two exhibition rooms on the second floor of the main headquarters of the art center of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria and can be visited until next May 19, With free entry.

Leisure and space is the project presented by the Canarian artist Nicolás Laiz Placeres (Lanzarote, 1975), an installation in which he proposes a reflection on the places destined for the consumption of free time in Western societies and on what is expected to be found in those idyllic places, known as vacation paradises.

It is a site specific piece in which white predominates over color. A series of objects covered with plaster are shown on the ground as a "blank monument dedicated to the Western ego". In the words of the artist, the work "is not a fiction, but a corpse, fossilized, with the remains of the most powerful and at the same time, the most insensate, of the civilizations of the planet, to date."

Laiz Placeres' proposal is presented "as a 'prayer' about the desire lodged in the collective unconscious of contemporary capitalist Western society, I intend to work with very defined stereotypes, which take concrete forms, but I also do so with the dark areas of the Desire, reports, which may arise from the depths of the subconscious in an unforeseen way, see the colonialist remnants that persist crouched in the need to travel as a form of submission to the other, or the pursuit of pleasure in the misery of others.

For his part, the artist Manu Blázquez (Valencia, 1978) presents the work Variations of 12, a site specific drawing project with an installation vocation, based on two of the main characteristics of the polychrome friezes of the Cueva Pintada Archaeological Museum and Park from the city of Gáldar, Gran Canaria, unique example of indigenous mural painting on this island.

The drawings developed during the period of residence of this artist in the CAAM are grouped into series of twelve. A first series of drawings is presented on the wall, as a frieze inspired by the Cueva Pintada, and a second group is available over six months designed by Blázquez himself for the exhibition.

Variations of 12 is a visual project in which "the limits of contemporary drawing are made evident from a very old structure based on the number 12", explains the artist. His work is developed "from two essential variables of mural paintings, the graphic resource of geometry and the temporality with which it is given, factors that are also the backbone in my artistic research".

His "fascination and interest" for the exceptional mural painting preserved in Cueva Pintada "comes not only from the geometric motifs used in it and executed with a refined technique and a rhythmic structure that underlies the entire composition. organized from number 12 can be related to a system of measurement and calculation of time, a fact that betrays the ceremonial character of this space ".

It should be recalled that the CAAM convened for this third year, for the third consecutive year, four places of the program Artists in Residence, two for artists from the Canary Islands and two for creators or creators from the rest of Spain, with the purpose of encouraging the center to become a space for dialogue and coexistence.

After a selection process in which more than seventy applications were submitted from the Canary Islands and the rest of Spain, the center programmed the first residence with Manu Blázquez and Nicolás Laiz Placeres and, starting in September, the second residence begins, for the The artists Nela Ochoa and Natalia Escudero López, residents of the Canary Islands and Zaragoza, respectively, were selected.


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