Nicole and Janet's Election Year Trip

Saray Castro (left) and Marta Viera, this Wednesday in front of the poster announcing 'Patriotas', a montage starring under the direction of Mario Vega. / C7

Marta Viera and Saray Castro star in 'Patriotas', a reflection on the rise of populism, which premieres in September at the Galdós

What was a heresy is now a feat. The more mud, the better. The more lies, fake news or half truths... the better. The dunghill of social networks is a fertile ground to vilify the rival and praise the one who feeds his army of 'haters' and computer 'trolls'. Contemporary society moves under these parameters and the political class has not remained on the sidelines. Reflect on this reality
'patriots', the second of the stage productions of the
Galdós International Laboratory, that will have its coming-out days
September 15, 16 and 17, at the Pérez Galdós Theater from the capital of Gran Canaria.

The text written by
Julio Salvatierra comes to life under the direction of the grancanario
Mario Vega and the actresses, also islanders,
Saray Castro and Marta Viera.

This is not a pamphlet rather, it raises a reflection on the information that reaches us and how it reaches us”, warns Vega about this scenic proposal.

a wake up call

'Patriots' warns about the dangers currently hanging over the democratic system, with an evident
“rise of populisms”, given the weakness of the media and an evident
"value loss" in society, he adds.

And it is the one that the producer and director from Gran Canaria is clear that, contrary to what it may seem,
society is very "misinformed". “We are less informed than we think. We are very uninformed and part of the fault lies with the big media and the hoaxes that circulate », he emphasizes.

Saray Castro and Marta Viera gave a preview of 'Patriotas' during the presentation this Wednesday. /


This complex and dangerous situation is reflected on stage by a
“more naturalistic montage” of those that are customary in the framework of the Galdós Laboratory and where new technologies will have a prominent role.

One year of election campaign

Specifically, 'Patriotas' takes place around
Nicole Wallace and Janet Mueller. The first is the president of a political party who will have to oust the second, an ideologue and vice president, to whitewash the party. In turn, Janet's daughter, bisexual and critical of her mother's work and ideology, begins to have a particular relationship with Nicole's son, Iván. The action unfolds
in an election year.

This production of Unahoramenos productions together with the Fundación Auditorio Teatro de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is another example of
«human, social and cultural commitment» that mark the passage of the Galdós Laboratory, which started at an early stage with 'Ana, oblivion will also take us to oblivion' (2018), 'El Crimen de la calle Fuencarral' (2019) and 'The last trip of Galdós' ( 2020). His international stage began last year with 'Clara y el abyss', a text by the Uruguayan
Gabriel Calderon.

defend democracy

During the presentation held in the Saint-Saëns room of the Pérez Galdós Theatre, Antonio Morales, president of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, highlighted the "enormous relevance" of this work, "because democracy occupies an important place in public space" and the assembly stands as a
"weaponry to defend what it has cost us so much to have."

For his part, Tilman Kuttenkeuler, general director of the Auditorium Theater Foundation of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, highlighted that 'Patriotas', like the other four previous productions of the Galdós Laboratory, are works written for this project. Added to those of the 'Music and Literature' cycle of the Teatro Pérez Galdós, he said, the number of
«15 new texts in recent years that create debate and analyze society» contemporary.

The lowering of restrictions to combat the covid-19 pandemic allows
the creative phases are recovered with 'Patriots': Formulation or starting point, Hypothesis or writing of the piece itself, State of the Matter, Contrast or trial process, Trial and Error, and its Validation with the premiere.

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