Thu. Dec 12th, 2019

Nicolas Cage's craziest entry on a television set

In 1992, viewers of the chain of TV BBC witnessed how the Hollywood Nicolas Cage entered at plate in the most crazy possible. A momentazo that 27 years later the editor of the film magazine Empire, has wanted to recover through social networks with a “please enjoy the best entry to a talk show of all times".

The irruption that the actor made in the program Monday night It has become a phenomenon viral almost three decades later with more than two million reproductions. And, momentazo has no waste whatsoever.

Nicolas Cage kicking at his entrance on a television set (1992)

Nicolas Cage kicking at his entrance on a television set (1992)

It all happened when Terry Wogan announced the entry on the set of his BBC show to the famous actor Nicolas Cage who was promoting Wild Heart. After saying his name, the American dressed in a leather jacket and with his hair completely disheveled came running and doing a somersault forward. For later, start kicking the air.

The presenter, in the background, watched the scene astonished and trying to keep his composure. Suddenly, Cage looks for something in his pocket: they were tickets. Then, start throwing them at the audience present in the study. After a new kick he greets the presenter to sit on the couch.

The crazy moment starring the interpreter of Leaving Las Vegas It has an explanation. Alreadyyes justified Cage himself in a 2016 interview for Empire magazine That kind of sudden hysteria.

“I know I was taking a risk, but hell, I was promoting a movie called Wild Heart, so I thought I had to represent what the character was. It was spontaneous: I felt the energy in the audience as I put on all the playful and punky things I could. I do not think that Mr. Wogan made him very funny, but I want to believe, considering that his career remained as it already was, that somehow he would also feel proud, ”he argued.

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