June 13, 2021

Nico García-Boissier qualifies for the Tokyo Games

Nicolás García Boissier and his coach since he was a child, Quique Martínez

Nicolás García Boissier and his coach since he was a child, Quique Martínez

The Spanish jumpers Alberto Arévalo and Nicolas Garcia-Boissier qualified this Wednesday for the Tokyo Olympics on an individual trampoline during the World Cup that takes place in the Japanese capital.

In the last qualifying tournament, Arevalo was sixth in the qualifying round and García-Boissier twelfth. There were up to 18 tickets up for grabs, depending on the nationality of the previously classified participants.

Spain will once again be represented in the jumping program of the Tokyo Games after the absence of Rio 2106, a parenthesis that followed seven consecutive editions with Spanish participation.

The World Cup preliminaries trampoline were dominated by the British Daniel Goodfellow and James Heatly, with 487.50 and 478.20 points.

German Martin Wolfram was third with 446.95.

The from Madrid Alberto Arévalo it occupied the sixth position thanks to its 425.20 points. The Canarian García-Boissier added 408.45 that took him to the twelfth step.

Both will play on Thursday the World Cup semi-finals and, if they also pass that phase, the final on the same day.

The Cup is held in the facilities that will be Olympic in 80 days, as a test competition.

Along with the Spanish, jumpers from Germany, France, Mexico, New Zealand, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, South Korea, Italy, Ireland and Canada obtained a place for the Tokyo Games in this Cup.


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