March 1, 2021

Nico Garca Boissier, 19 on 1 meter platform, without end – The Province

Nico García Boissier could not achieve the heroic and access the final trampoline jumps of 1 meter Swimming World at the end of the test in nineteenth place with a score of 327.50.

In a test with 44 participants, García Boissier had to settle for his 19th place after missing the first jump of the six he made, although in the second, in an attempt of difficulty 3.0 the execution of the insular gave him 66 points.

The grancanario jumper, even so, considers a successful place achieved, because his goal was to finish within the top 20 classifieds in a test in which he does not perform as well as in the platform 3 meters, which will compete next Wednesday.

In this distance, the junior continental champion Adrián Abadía also competed, who finished 24th with 322.25 points in what was his debut in a swimming world championships.

The test is dominated by Chinese jumpers, Zongyuan Wang and Jianfeng Peng, with 20 points advantage of the first in the final on Sunday; while the South Korean Haram Woo is third, the Mexican Rommel Pacheco fourth and the Ukrainian Oleg Kolodiy, fifth.

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