Nicaraguan police prevent women from commemorating their day, feminists denounce

The Feminist Movement of Nicaragua denounced this Sunday that the National Police prevented it, “with the luxury of violence,” from taking to the streets to commemorate International Women’s Day.

Sandinista sociologist and ex-guerrilla María Teresa Blandón told reporters that the Feminist Movement of Nicaragua called for an activity in a private building in Managua, which, he said, was surrounded by dozens of riot agents from the outset.

“At the time we tried to go to the sidewalk of the place where we are doing the act, we were prevented with luxuries of violence to leave,” said the 59-year-old activist.

“Dozens of riot police pushed us and closed the door of our premises,” he continued.


According to images from local television and social networks, women were replicated by riot agents with the protective shield.

The women, who would read a proclamation on the street for International Women’s Day, complained to the agents and shouted at them, among others, that “protesting is a right, repressing is a crime.”

They also reminded the police that they were sanctioned last Thursday by the US Department of the Treasury for a series of human rights violations in the framework of the crisis that this Central American country has been experiencing since April 2018.

“The dictator is leaving (alluding to President Daniel Ortega). What are you going to do?” Said one of the activists facing the agents.


Blandón called that act “irrational” and “repression of feminists and women.”

“The only thing they do (the Executive) is to reaffirm and confirm the image they have internationally as an authoritarian government,” he said.

The representative of the Permanent Commission of Human Rights (CPDH), Marcos Carmona, came to the scene and reported being beaten by agents, who subsequently allowed women to go to their homes.

The Sandinistas commemorated this Saturday in Managua International Women’s Day with a walk and a concert, without incident, while feminist activists reported being victims of siege and intimidation by the National Police.

The independent women’s defense agencies, for the fifth consecutive year, did not convene any march to avoid clashes with supporters of the Sandinista government and the police siege.

The Nicaraguan Police have prohibited opposition demonstrations since September 2018.

Since 2018, Nicaragua is experiencing a socio-political crisis that has left at least 328 dead, according to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), although local organizations raise the figure to 684 and the Government recognizes 200 and denounces an attempt to “coup d’etat” .


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