April 20, 2021

Nicaragua Police deny that they arrested anti-government protesters

Nicaragua Police deny that they arrested anti-government protesters

The Nicaraguan Police informed on Wednesday that they did not arrest any protester during an activity called by the opposition National Blue and White Unit, which reported 67 detainees, including a journalist who recorded the moment he was apprehended.

In a statement, the National Police said "that today there were no incidents or arrests in the course of an unauthorized activity called by bodies without legal personality."

In the statement, also disclosed by the Executive and addressed to the international community, the police said "that no person has been arrested or transferred to police units", although he admitted that "15 people were notified and immediately transferred to their homes where They were received by their relatives. "

The National Police did not explain the conditions in which it had notified and transferred those 15 people.

The organizers reported 67 detainees for attempting to participate in the mobilization against President Ortega.

Among the detainees were three women and the journalist Abixael Mogollón, who was captured while covering the event and released hours later in a street and after suffering, as he has reported, "torture, handling and stealing" of his belongings by the National Police , who did not refer to that case.

Despite insisting that he covered the event as a reporter on the Article 66 website, a couple of police officers forced him to stop recording, took his phone and put him in a mobile prison, where a young officer grabbed him, according to story.

Until the afternoon of this Wednesday only six people were known released after being captured by police and "paramilitaries" related to the Government, according to the National Unit Blue and White.

The captures took place on the eve of the first anniversary of the social outbreak of April 18, 2018, and three weeks after the Government committed itself to a negotiating table to overcome the crisis to respect rights and citizen guarantees.

Before the police intervention, several Nicaraguans had come in small groups to the call of the Unit to protest against Ortega, but a strong deployment of police in Managua prevented them from meeting.

The Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy, which is the counterpart of the Executive at the negotiating table that has been suspended since last April 3, accused Ortega's government of violating the right to free concentration.

"On the eve of commemorating a year that Nicaragua has raised its voice before the regime, once again the rights of free expression, free concentration have been violated, the Constitution and the agreements of March 29, 2019 signed by the Civic Alliance and the Government itself, "said the coalition in a statement.

That Alliance said that the police siege in the protests on Wednesday, "only hinders the construction of a peaceful and democratic solution to the sociopolitical conflict that Nicaragua is experiencing."

"The facts say more than a hundred government statements," noted the Alliance, which criticized that during the planned march for today stopped between 64 to 67 people "for having expressed their opinion."

Nicaragua is going through a serious crisis that has left 325 dead since April 2018, according to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), although some groups raise to 568 the fatalities, while the Executive only recognizes 199 and denounces an attempt of coup.


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