Nia makes her strong debut in Tu Cara Me Suena

One of the most watched programs by the audience has returned to the television grid. Antenna 3 premiered this Friday, November 6, the ninth edition of 'Your face is familiar to me' with a double Canarian accent: the ex-contestants of Operación Triunfo, the Gran Canaria and winner of the last edition Nia correia and the Tenerife Agoney.

The rest of the participants in this new edition are David fernandez, Eva Soriano, Loles Leon, Lydia bosch, Maria Peláe, César and Jorge Cadaval and Rasel they will fight tirelessly to become the successor to Jorge González, winner of the previous edition.

Manel Fuentes returns to the forefront of this musical format and is again accompanied by a jury made up of Carlos Latre, Lolita, Chenoa and Àngel Llàcer.

With eight seasons behind him and 10 years of history, the talent show presented by Manel Fuentes has started with a spectacular tribute to Raffaellà Carrà since she "perfectly represented the spirit of the program for her joy, freedom and sense of the spectacle."

The grancanaria Cristina Ramos, Lorena gomez, Melody and Roko they have interpreted some of the best known songs of the great Rafaella Carrá. Also, some of our most beloved ex-contestants, like Carolina ferre, Arturo Valls, Xuso jones, Falete, Blas Cantó, the Alcorcón Earthquake, Soraya and Nerea Rodriguez, together with Manel Fuentes and the jury of 'Tu cara me suena' have dared with 'Fiesta'.

Nia correia

Regarding this first contact regarding imitations, Nia Correia has not disappointed and has wasted strength as Alicia Keys in 'Empire State of Mind'. The contestant has set the bar very high for the following galas.


Nia's best moments in OT 2020
The province

To play the character that falls, Nia needed a lot of magic and has traveled to a mysterious place like Persia in her video presentation. His wish was to go out and enjoy and make the public enjoy: "I want to blow them up like ... a magic carpet".

The grancanaria has had to stand in front of a piano to captivate the jury as Alicia Keys.


The Tenerife Agoney has been in charge of inaugurate the stage by getting into the shoes of The Weeknd to face his 'Blinding lights'. The former contestant of 'Operación Triunfo' has shown his vocal power and has won the applause of the public.

"Singing for me is no problem"Agoney assured him, but he regretted that he was not doing very well acting before traveling to Ancient Rome because for him "the set of 'Your face sounds to me' is like a coliseum" and he, a gladiator.

Final assessment

Rasel wins the first gala of the ninth edition of 'Your face sounds like me'. The Sevillian artist won this past Friday with the triumph after performing a brutal imitation of Måneskin with 'Zitti E Buoni', a song with which they won the last edition of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, defending himself quite well with the complicated lyrics in Italian that he has .

The general ranking after this the first gala is as follows: Rasel: 22 points; María Peláe: 22 points; Nia: 21 points; Agoney: 19 points; Eva Soriano: 16 points; Loles León: 14 points; Los Morancos: 12 points; Lydia Bosch: 10 points and David Fernández closes the classification with 8 points.

Regarding the imitations of the next gala, Nia will imitate Lil Nas X, Agoney will be Pitingo, David Fernandez will be Opus, Lydia Bosch will perform alongside Beatriz Luengo thanks to the 'Original and Copy' box, Los Morancos will transform into Ricchi e Poveri, Loles León will play Cecilia's skin, Eva Soriano will honor Georgie Dann, Maria Pelaé will have the challenge of being Miley Cyrus and Rasel, winner of this first gala, will be Dani Martín.


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