Neymar's controversial party will have 150 people "and all the sanitary regulations"

Neymar celebrates a goal with Brazil

Neymar celebrates a goal with Brazil

The controversial party that the Brazilian soccer player Neymar will organize to dismiss 2020 will bring together 150 people, has the necessary permits and will comply with "all" the necessary health regulations to prevent the spread of covid, the company responsible for its organization said on Monday.

The event promotion agency Fábrica, designated as the party organizer, released a statement to give some details of the event it is organizing in Mangaratiba, a seaside resort on the southern coast of Rio de Janeiro in which the French PSG player has a mansion, but without mentioning the footballer.

The note is considered as a response to the criticism that the attacker of the Brazilian team has received for organize a huge and massive party at a time when Brazil is close to 200,000 dead by covid, as well as some information that magnifies the event and baptizes it as 'Neymarpalooza'.

According to such information, the party would last for 5 days from December 25 and would bring together about 500 people to the rhythm of popular and well-known musical groups in an underground disco.

"The agency Fábrica clarifies that it is the promoter and producer of the reveillon event (end of the year party) in the Costa Verde region (where Mangaratiba is located) that will receive 150 people," explained the organizers in the statement published in your social networks in which They do not confirm or deny that the party is Neymar's.

The note adds that at the event, "all sanitary regulations will be respected determined by public bodies. "The agency adds that" it is a private event, with exclusive access for guests and for which no tickets were sold, "and that it obtained"all licenses of the competent bodies necessary for its realization, as well as it has done in other private events that it has organized in Rio de Janeiro and Ceará ".

Although the note does not clarify the place of the party, some versions indicate that It will be in an underground disco built by Neymar in his mansion and others that will be located in an abandoned hangar that the footballer acquired near his residence.

The only thing that all versions agree on is that the guests They are prohibited from entering with mobile phones or cameras, something that has not prevented some well-known models and celebrities from publishing photos on their social networks in which they appear already dressed for the party, claim to be ready in Mangaratiba and wear the blue bracelet that allows entry to the event.

The clarifications that reduce the size of the party and the number of guests have not stopped criticism of Neymar and the warnings that his new controversy will cause further damage to his image and reputation at a time when he had forgotten the last episodes that had negatively affected him.

Among such episodes the rape accusation, which was filed in all instances, and the controversial novel about whether he would continue or leave PSG.

This is because Neymar is promoting a party in the second country with the most deaths from coronavirus in the world, which suffers a second wave of the much more severe pandemic and at a time when the mayors canceled all their farewell events of the year and recommended avoid any type of agglomeration.

Sports commentator Paulo Vinicios Coelho, one of the most popular in Brazil, cited on his blog all the negative repercussions of the event, including the outrage of the inhabitants of Mangaratiba and the publications of newspapers abroad that they remember the image of Neymar as an inconsistent teenager.

"Neymar played very well in 2020 after getting physically fit in Mangaratiba. He was close to winning the Champions League and he played a lot, but even so He did not have seven votes as best in the world. He was in ninth place. That has to do with the image of a teenager that Neymar insists on exalting, "he said.

The also well-known sportscaster Neto went further and asked Neymar to cancel the party. "Don't give the party. If you were going to give it, cancel. Don't do that. It leaves you very badly off. Do better like Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo and pass alone"Neto asked in his program" The owners of the ball ".

Brazil is one of the countries most affected by the health emergency and, according to the most recent data from the Ministry of Health, already accumulates about 192,000 deaths and about 7.5 million infected by Sars-CoV-2.


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