April 13, 2021

Neymar will be tried in Spain for corruption and fraud | sports

Neymar will be tried in Spain for corruption and fraud | sports

Neymar will be judged in Spain accused of corruption and fraud following his transfer from Santos to Barcelona, ​​announced by the Barça club in May 2013. As reported last night by the SER network, the Criminal Chamber of the National Court has dismissed the appeals filed by the player, which since August of 2017 play at PSG.

The car confirms that the alleged concealment of the real price of the operation between Santos and Barcelona should be judged by the signing of Neymar and gives rise to the "prosecution of the open case against the player, his parents and family company, the F.C. Barcelona, ​​Alexandre Rosell and Josep María Bartomeu, Santos CF and his former vice-president Odilio Rodrigues for alleged crimes of improper fraud, in its modality of contractual simulation, and corruption among private individuals accused by the Prosecutor's Office and by DIS's private accusation "DIS agency owned 40 % of the rights of the player when he played in Santos and claims much more money than he charged when he learned that in the same hearing the transaction for the transfer of Neymar was evaluated in almost 90 million.

Now, the order of the National Court held that in the alleged crime of corruption in business involved Barcelona, ​​which is a Spanish entity and allegedly involving the president and vice president of Barcelona, ​​which are also Spanish. In addition, the letter reminds that the events happen later passing Neymar to have habitual residence in Spain. Therefore, and as dictated by the resolution, it is a crime also committed outside the national territory. It is understood that the National Court has full powers and confirms the Spanish jurisdiction to judge Neymar and Barça, among others, for crimes of fraud and corruption between individuals.

Judge José de la Mata, who instructed the case, imposed a joint and solidary bond of 3.4 million euros in pecuniary liability to those investigated in May 2017, when opened oral trial against the Brazilian striker and the rest of the defendants. According to the investigation, that was the amount of more that Barcelona would have had to pay to the DIS agency, which owned 40% of the player's federative rights. It was DIS that was sued against all the defendants considering that she had been swindled.

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