Neymar, ten weeks off

Neymar, ten weeks off

Neymar will miss the knockout round of the Champions League against Manchester United. The injury suffered in the fifth metatarsal of the right foot on day 23 will have him out of the field for the next ten weeks with what has already been dismissed from the two games (February 12 and March 6) before the team English. PSG doctors have accepted the proposal of the medical team of the Brazilian team with which the player will not go through the operating room and perform a conservative treatment. The injury, which occurred a week ago in the match against Strasbourg of the French Cup, is exactly the same that led him to miss the entire second half of last season with PSG.

The injuries at this point of the year have become commonplace for Neymar, both during his time at Barcelona and now at the Paris Saint Germain. Last season he missed the crossing of the quarterfinals with Real Madrid for the same problem. He was operated in Brazil and the recovery lasted practically until the beginning of the concentration of his team for the World Cup in Russia, where Brazil was eliminated in the quarterfinals.

The losses of Neymar in these dates, coinciding with the famous birthday of his sister Rafaella -11 March-, have become a custom in the last five seasons. In 2015 and 2016, when he was playing for Barça, he asked the club for permission to travel to Brazil with his family, since he was sanctioned. In 2017 there was no accumulation of cards. They were some muscular discomfort that separated him from his usual job and allowed him to go to Rafaella's party. Last year was the injury, just like this season. If everything is developed according to the plans of the doctors of Brazil and PSG, Neymar could reappear for the return of the quarter-finals of the Champions League. If the PSG beats United, the rooms are played on 9/10 April, the first leg, and 16/17 April. The semifinals, scheduled for the first week of May, would mean a less hasty return.


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