July 8, 2020

Neymar starts dancing in Carnival … three days after leaving the crutches

Neymar starts dancing in Carnival ... three days after leaving the crutches

Brazilian striker Neymar, authorized by French PSG to continue in Brazil the recovery process of the injury he suffered in February, took advantage of his stay in the country to go on Friday to the carnival parties in the city of Salvador, where he was seen dancing without problems with a new partnerIn the videos you can see the player practicing complicated dance choreography from the stage where he saw some of the electric trios (gigantic trucks equipped with loudspeakers and platforms to transport orchestras) that animated the carnival on Friday in Salvador, a city in northeastern Brazil whose holidays are as popular as those in Rio de Janeiro. LThe images in which the captain of the Brazilian team appears dancing to the rhythm of a carnival in Salvador or kissing with a young blonde who accompanied him to the party multiplied this Saturday as a virus through social networks. Neymar went to the parties accompanied by the world surf champion Gabriel Medina, an old friend, three days after posting on social networks a message in which he warned that he was saying goodbye to the crutches he had been using to help recover from the injury. The PSG striker again suffered an injury in the fifth metatarsal of the right foot, which is low several weeks ago and could not be called for this month's games in which the Brazilian team will prepare for the Copa América in June next, of which Brazil will host. After receiving authorization from the French club to continue the recovery in Brazil, Neymar moved to the beach house in Mangaratiba, on the south coast of Rio de Janeiro, which he had not left until now. Neymar plans to return to Paris before next Wednesday, when he is expected as a spectator of the match between PSG and Manchester United of the Champions League. The videos posted on social networks also show Neymar kissing singer Rafaela Porto, a former participant in the 19-year-old Brazilian edition of the television program La Voz, with whom she has been seen several times in recent weeks. The young woman resides in the Brazilian city of Fortaleza and was seen next to the soccer player during the celebration of her birthday in Paris and at other times, but for the first time they are seen kissing. By coincidence, the model and actress Bruna Marquezine, the best-known of Neymar's sentimental companions and with whom she was until last year, appeared on Friday at Salvador's carnival, although apparently both did not cross at parties


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