Sun. Dec 15th, 2019

Neymar, a signing that always leaves behind

Emblem of the Saints, where he was named heir of Pele, and crack the Barcelona forming part of an unrepeatable trident, Neymar he made history so much in Vila Belmiro as in the Camp Nou but he was unable to leave the clubs through the front door. Both directives had the feeling that the forward played it like the defenders. On and off the field, Neymar goes the jarana. Great in its football and controversial in its forms, its signings they always bring a tail. Since there are not two without three, the PSG, which made him the 2017 most expensive soccer player in the world to pay 222 million, begins to realize that the Brazilian is using them while plotting his third leak.

Not all the perks with which he filled the Qatari owners of PSG have sufficed for Neymar to take root in the Princes Park. When I was on a team to win the Champions, wanted to be the number 1 of the dressing room and where yes that all his whims of vedette allowed him it has only taken two courses in to miss being protagonist in the maximum competition. The French league has been a minor booty for him.

New filing date

The PSG is now waiting for him on Monday 15 to meet and fine him and does not count on him for the friendly on Tuesday

Also Emery and now Tuchel on the bench have been tired of not being able to count on the star of the project – with permission of Mbappé – for the eighth of the Champions because of injuries. The tip missed the return against Madrid and the two duels against United. The PSG was eliminated and in six years in Europe the Brazilian has only stepped once the semifinals, in 2015, the year of the triplet with Barca.

Nobody can say that he was surprised by Neymar's methods, after he left Santos behind and planted Barça, composed and without a crack one month after the close of the market in 2017.

After 138 goals and winning a Copa Libertadores -something that the Peixe club did not manage since the time of Pelé-, it was very, very difficult to leave Santos false. Neymar did it.

Three Blaugrana trials

Convicted for tax offense and accused by DIS of fraud, Barça and player claim a renewal premium

He decided not to renew beyond the 2014 World Cup to be master of his destiny but secretly, in 2011, he signed a pre-contract with Barça with a signing bonus of 40 million. It happened that Barca in 2013 wanted to advance his arrival so he had to agree with Santos, who won 17 million plus 9 in other agreements for preferential rights in other players.

Both contracts ended up in the courts. For the first, denounced by a Barça partner, Barca was sentenced for two fiscal crimes to pay 5.5 million. The second, for fraud, brought to trial by DIS – the company that had 40% of its pass and barely took 6.8 million – has not yet been resolved.

After four years and 105 goals with Barça, he also put his feet on the dusty road to Paris, not without leaving the former vice-president of the sport out of play. He spent the entire US tour of 2017 without saying a word, and it was only when he returned from some publicity events in Japan, already at the beginning of August, when he showed up at the offices to communicate that he paid his clause of 222 million and went to PSG. Even so, there was a dance of figures and judicialization. Barça did not pay him the 26 million of the second part of the renovation bonus and he claimed the 14 already paid as he did not fulfill a year of the extension. The footballer and his father, meanwhile, sued the club for non-payment. And despite everything, Neymar immediately repented and wants to return. Although it costs a new devaluation of his image after not showing up for training. O pai do craque announced that his son will arrive in Paris on Monday the 15th and PSG, which will fine him, does not count on him in the friendly on Tuesday in the field of Dinamo Dresden. It is still early to guess where the Brazilian will be on September 2.

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