Fri. Dec 6th, 2019

“Next year will be the last”

“Throughout my career I have had a very affectionate treatment. Message will be clear and brief: 2020 will be my last year as a professional tennis player. Tennis has given me a lot since I started playing with eight or nine years. This year I will have the same expectations. The whole team wants to finish in a professional way, as it has been throughout my career. Do not take it as a farewell, but I hope we can enjoy all together, me on the track and you with my work.

A brief message, just a minute, anticipates the end of Carla Suárez's career.

He is 31 years old.

Add two WTA titles (Doha and Oeiras) and nine finals.

He has won 11 million euros as a tennis player on the circuit.

It has been the sixth in the world (in 2016, today is the 55th).

One year is given.

I have lacked to know what it feels like to win a Grand Slam; and finish a year in the Top Ten ”

Carla Suárez says she wants to return home, to Las Palmas, with her family, and recover that time that at some point, in his childhood, in his youth, faded.

–Back with the family?

– They can't enjoy everything they want from you, nor I from them. In hard times they are missed. They have been able to go to some tournaments, thanks to the technologies you can see yourself. It seems that you are closer, but in reality it is not so.

–You talk about priorities. What do you mean?

– I am a Canarian and for many years I am very far from the family. I came to Barcelona with 18, but with thirteen I was already traveling all over the world. I can't recover time and I want to be with them. I have not noticed the age, I think I am still able to play another year.

Carla Suárez, in Barcelona

Carla Suárez, in Barcelona
(Ana Jiménez)

Dozens of journalists listen to her.

Goodbye (extended) was held at the Barcino club, whose facilities it has frequented for years.

–A last year is granted. But do you have a specific date for goodbye?

–My last season will be complete. The calendar ends in October and so it will be.

A rumor circulates among tennis corridors. It is said that back problems, recurring and particularly intense in September, when he had to withdraw from the US Open, have accelerated his decision. She denies it.

When you start in a sport you do it to enjoy; as a child, I never thought I would play in a huge stadium and against the best rivals ”

He says the decision is coming long. It has not been taken to tuntun. He has been going around for a year and a half, talking with his technical team, with his surroundings.

-The physical problems happen to me, as they happen to all athletes. I have been thinking about things for a year and a half, I think about things, I talk to the team. They know what my day is like, what it is.

– And what has been left in the inkwell?

The feeling of winning a Grand Slam. We all work for that. The other goal is to be number one.

–And what do you think you can achieve even in 2020?

–I have always been clear: Finish the year in the Top Ten. I have not succeeded. I think I still have the level. Grand Slams will be a very important part. And also the Tokyo Games. We have until May to qualify.

At times he gets excited, at times he smiles.

Carla Suárez goes back to childhood. She sees herself wielding the first racket, with nine years, remembering the day he was proclaimed champion of Spain alevín.

– It had been a short time since tennis began. Just three years. I remember him very happy. Also when I came to Barcelona, ​​I had considered being a professional tennis player.

– What did you think would happen? Did you see yourself arriving where you have arrived?

–When you start a sport you do it to enjoy it, you never imagine being in a big stadium and playing in front of such great players. Of course, I didn't imagine getting where I got.

– And what is your best memory?

-Many years. One of the most significant was Roland Garros 2008 (he was a quarterfinalist in his big debut).

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