August 2, 2021

Next Generation Funds: Procedure and Execution Matter | Additional features

The hangar of the public affairs It should not only take into account the construction and finishing of the project. Are needed projects with impact, that meet all the requirements of the calls, that they are perfectly aligned with national plans, but above all that they are agile in the execution and do not put a single euro of the potentially achievable at risk. We talk about the Next Generation Funds, where the execution phase determines the project selection itself, far superior to the rest of the active instruments.

We already know that projects must follow the European Commission recommendations about Spain issued in 2019 and 2020, not losing sight of the improvement of the financial balance for its amortization – hence the need for them to have an impact and suppose structural changes. These should be directed to projects of environmental sustainability, digitization, territorial and social cohesion, modernization of administrations, as well as the strengthening of our health system; In addition, they must be aligned with the objectives of the already approved National Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan of Spain.

But let’s not lose sight of the fact that we are talking about additional funds that come from debt, and that the rest of the Multiannual Financial Framework remain in force in their entirety – A question on the sidelines is the coordination and the sum of efforts with the current cohesion policy. If until now the volume of resources that we obtained did not exceed 5,000 million a year, now it will be almost 25,000 million what Spain will receive each year. This gives us an idea of ​​the disruptive nature of their own Next Generation Funds Some principles will be basic to obtain success in accessing these aids:

Next Generation funds: procedure and execution matter

  1. Steeped in administrative logic. The outline of projects is essential in a scenario in which calls are issued in very limited terms that respond to a situation in which investments are needed with extraordinary urgency. But that the situation and the effort is extraordinary does not mean that the rules and conditions are suspended. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account that the framework of the limitations of State Aid is still in force and remember that the language to be used is that of the person calling, not that of the candidate.
  2. Be aware of limitations. In a very short time the administrations will have to manage calls that suppose five times more of the volume to which they were used to managing. Far from thinking that the filters will be less strict, it increases the discard options for projects that technically generate doubts or are not built with the coherence and credibility demanded.
  3. Go out to compete. The solvency of the projects will be essential. The expectation generated around the new impulse that these funds have generated will mean that the number of projects is very numerous, but also that their quality increases. The clarity with which its financial structure, its partners, formula and development deadlines are exposed will be decisive. Let us not lose sight of the fact that these are projects that must be executed in a very short period of time.
  4. Align means, ends and objectives. More than ever, proposals must adhere to the requirements of the calls. This is no time for improvisation and adventure. Let no one think of a new project. This is a space and an opportunity for deeply studied, well thought out and worked projects, to those that have undergone a maturation process that contemplates in detail the development of each and every one of its phases. The first test that a project must pass is its own solvency as a proposal, that is, its viability. This will determine an important part of its success, but it will also allow it to be executable.
  5. Understand the different levels of management. Despite the centralizing temptation, and some shady spaces on the balance in the distribution and management formulas, the Autonomous Communities and local entities, taking into account the objective of territorial cohesion to which the Government has committed, play a essential role in the definition of projects and their execution. Being connected with regional and local authorities will continue to be an opportunity.

In the alchemy of success for the calls of the Money Next Generation We know the ingredients, we intuit the combinations of success even when there are spaces to be specified, we can carry out counterfactual analyzes of our project, but more than ever in the formulation of success, execution matters. This is how we are raising it in the LABE Group, where we know that technical solvency and timeliness must be added to the nature of each aid instrument, its terms and contingencies.

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Guillermo Martinez is director of projects and institutional relations in LABE Group and, previously, Counselor of the Presidency and Citizen Participation of the Government of Asturias.


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