Newtral: Ana Pastor in the most peculiar production company in Spain | TV

Newtral: Ana Pastor in the most peculiar production company in Spain | TV

Pastor created this company a year ago. Here your flagship program is produced, The objective: old-style television. But also public bodies are investigated not for a client, only to publish the results in the social networks of the house. And by the way, it creates content for, for example, the social networks of Chacho Rodríguez, the basketball player who, after passing through Real Madrid, now plays for the Moscow CSK. It is a strange combination: usually a producer does only one thing, and always for a client. Pastor herself hesitates when defining her company: "We are not a television producer, but we do programs. We are not a means of communication but we inform. In this new world, you do not have to be one single thing. "

Yes, he dares to use a word repeatedly that in his day evoked new horizons and great deeds: "We are a start-up ". He says it several times, as if returning the original meaning to the term. "Our focus, vision, and mission is more to future what other thing. The start-ups they are created looking to the future. Well, that. "

A suit made to measure

For a TV star to take its great program to its own company has become commonplace. Jordi Évole also took out Saved of El Terrat and put it into his Producciones El Barrio in 2016. The interesting thing is that when Pastor founded Newtral, he did not use the benefits of The objective to make more television, but to finance this experiment. It is exhibited mainly in social networks: they mix promotion of the house programs (The objective and also Where were you then?, also from La Sexta) with exclusive material made by own vocation: Interviews of a few minutes by collaborators (Íñigo Errejón plays a videogame while answering questions), opinion videos ...

And then corrections of affirmations by politicians. Many, many corrections. "[Pablo] Married: 'In the PP we have had the first regional president'. FALSE, "says a tweet, and clarifies that the first regional president was Maria Antonia Martinez, PSOE, in March 1984." We seek to be the great reference verifier, "Pastor boasts. "We correct the interventions of politicians directly". And they are devilishly fast locating a lie and offering the correct data.

The obsession to correct is added to the rest of the elements and, thus, a brand is formed, almost identical to the personality that Pastor offers on the screen. Clinging to cold data, intolerant of lying (correcting falsehoods goes, precisely, The objective), but also connected with people younger than her. But to be a tailor made company, she is very clear that her non-media and non-production has a place in the complex panorama of digital media and the era of false news.

"We publish on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram: where are the people," he explains. "The traditional television audience is older than the network, but those under 35 are also informed. Only not through television. And at Newtral we want to be your reference. Let everyone who reports without using television, do it through us. We just built a bridge that we do not know where it takes us. " He does not deny that they are rare. But maybe that's why they fit in these times. In the background, on one of the screens, a taxi driver protests the disembarkation of the new technologies and the VTC. It is a new world.


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