New Zealand prohibits the arrival of people from China for 2 weeks

The government of New Zealand imposed from Monday a ban for 14 days of entry into the country of foreigners of any nationality from China with the aim of preventing the spread of the new coronavirus.

To date, no patient has been registered in New Zealand for this virus, which has already caused the death of 361 people in China and infected more than 17,000, while expanding in other countries, including the Philippines where the first death from coronavirus outside of China.

The New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, announced the day before the measure, which will be reviewed every 48 hours, and said that those who are already traveling to the country will see the borders closed upon arrival.

"It is vital that we protect New Zealanders from the virus and participate in the global effort to contain it. We are the gateway to the nations of the Pacific, and that was also taken into account in our decision," Ardern said, on this measure. similar to that adopted by other countries, such as Australia or the United States.

The island nation of Tonga requested help from New Zealand and Australia to evacuate some 50 nationals from their country, who are in Wuhan, the epicenter of this new virus, including some elite athletes.

Despite the ban, the newspaper "New Zealand Herald" reported today that flights from China continue to arrive, although border authorities warn that they will only allow nationals to enter and that they should be examined by doctors.

New Zealand also finalizes the evacuation plan of some 60 nationals trapped in Wuhan and will be put in isolation for two weeks in Whangaparaoa, a small peninsula with military facilities on the North Island.

For its part, neighboring Australia, where 12 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed, is scheduled for Monday the arrival of 270 people evacuated from Wuhan - who will have to pay a portion of the ticket - and that will be quarantined on the remote island Christmas, in the Indian Ocean and thousands of kilometers from mainland Australia.


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