October 23, 2020

New Zealand Prime Minister says Pedro Sánchez is the world leader she respects the most

New Zealand held its second televised debate on Wednesday ahead of the elections to be held on October 17. Those elections will confront the current prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, and the opposition leader Judith Collins.

At one point during the debate, the moderator dedicated himself to throwing questions at the two applicants so that they would respond quickly and specifically. One of those questions was who was the political leader they respected the most. At that point, Ardern replied that in his opinion it was Pedro Sánchez, and also pointed to the prime minister of Denmark. Collins, for his part, cited Angela Merkel.

Sánchez and Arden showed their coincidences on issues such as ecology and equality during their meeting a year ago. The two leaders had already met on other occasions, and Sánchez has at times praised Arden’s management and even his example of “joint responsibility and conciliation” after Ardern, from the Labor Party, will take a six-week maternity leave after being mother in 2018.

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