September 26, 2020

New York to Expand COVID Test Sites in Its Five Counties

New York City, the epicenter of the coronavirus in this state, will have 123 new places throughout its five counties to carry out tests for the virus seven days a week, at a time when indicators continue to drop, reported this Sunday. Mayor Bill de Blasio.

De Blasio announced that the city partnered with CityMD Urgent Care, the leading provider of emergency services, to conduct a total of 6,000 daily tests for the virus at company headquarters, which will bear the cost for uninsured New Yorkers.

He stressed during his daily conference that with this partnership, the city will now be able to screen 20,000 New Yorkers per day and that John Hopkins University has already trained 500 people to do the traces and that another 1,000 people are in the process.

The first 100 trackers will be incorporated on May 24 and the rest by the end of the month.

“This is just the beginning. We hope that this army will grow to at least 5,000, it could be between 5,000 and 10,000 before all this ends, because we want to be able to reach all those who need that connection,” said de Blasio, who stressed that The main indicators of the virus have continued to drop but “we still have to improve and be consistent.”

He also indicated that those who test positive for COVID-19 and need to isolate themselves so as not to infect their relatives will be taken to the hotels they have for quarantines to avoid the spread of the virus.

He explained that through community organizations in each county they will have “resource browsers” who will be in charge of locating them in a hotel, providing them with their food and medicine and everything they need during their quarantine.

De Blasio also noted that in each county there will be a designated place for antibody tests for which New Yorkers need to get an appointment.

The mayor also reported during his daily appearance that 137 cases of children with multisystemic inflammatory syndrome have already been confirmed and that 66 of these tested positive for COVID-19 or had antibodies against the virus.

“We lost one child to this syndrome and we don’t want to lose another, so we are making a great effort to coordinate with healthcare providers and particularly pediatricians across the city” to prevent it, he said.

De Blasio stressed that at this time “what we need most is to protect each child”, so he urged parents to be alert to symptoms of fever, rash and vomiting, to seek medical attention immediately.

Likewise, the mayor told New Yorkers to be aware that with the arrival of good weather everyone wants to leave their homes and visit the beaches but, he reiterated, that they will not open for the next holiday weekend, as has always happened.

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced this week that the beaches in the state will open, a decision he made in conjunction with other governors of nearby states to prevent the public from traveling from one state to another, after authorizing the reopening of the economy in five areas to the north. of the state.

In the rest of New York, including the city, he extended until May 28 the isolation measures of his New York plan in Pause.

De Blasio warned New Yorkers that he will only allow walking on the beach but not swimming, no sports, parties or crowds, and recalled that no other city has been hit by the pandemic as much as New York.

“We are watching the indicators, we have to be ready, careful with that. What we are going to do is take one day at a time. We are not ready yet,” he said.

He also warned that if the rules are broken, the police will intervene with those who violate them.

He explained that fences will be placed to control the entry points and assured that he will take the measure to further restrict visits to the beaches if the rules of social distancing or not swimming are broken.

The beaches may be fully open for use later in the summer but will depend on the COVID-19 indicators.

The mayor also made an urgent call to New Yorkers to donate to the city’s Blood Bank, which in the midst of the pandemic barely has that resource for a few days.


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