New York sings Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York” from the windows

“Start spreading the news, I’m leaving today, I want to be part of it, New York New York” New Yorkers sang this Thursday from windows, balconies and rooftops, making use of the unofficial anthem of the Big Apple, “New York, New York “by Frank Sinatra, to pay tribute to health personnel during the coronavirus pandemic.

A good number of New Yorkers thus joined the initiative promoted by the “Peace of Heart” choir, which performed the song live on the internet and which was broadcast by local radio channels WKCR and WBAI.

The song started at 19:02 local time (23.02 GMT) after the two minutes of applause that the inhabitants of New York City perform daily, as in other cities around the world, to thank the health workers for their effort and dedication.

While on the residential streets of the boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens, neighbors came out their doors to hear and sing the song, many of the residents of Manhattan, in the absence of open spaces, danced and sang the mythical lines of Sinatra at the top of the roofs or on the small balconies that form the traditional fire escapes.

“We love you, New Yorkers! Take care!” An enthusiastic citizen shouted, microphone in hand as the song ended.

On its website, “Peace of Hart”, made up of volunteers, ensures that it sings for free in needy communities. “We love New York and we will continue fighting,” they emphasize.

The initiative’s Facebook profile, launched this week, calls on New Yorkers to sing live and alone for “essential health workers and workers on the front lines of the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Choir member Robert Hornsby assured Efe that since they launched the initiative, more than 50,000 people have joined and another 2,000 have promised to participate.

“As members of a choir that sings to bring people together, this is our way of generating a greater sense of community, while still maintaining proper physical distance. We can raise our voices together in honor of those who lay down their lives daily. in jeopardy for keeping us safe and taking care of us, “choir co-director Andrew Dykeman said in a statement.

According to the latest figures from the New York Department of Health, the epidemic of the pandemic in the US, the city already has more than 117,000 infected with coronavirus and about 7,600 deaths.


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