New York plans to transform Penn Station with the new "Empire" station

The governor of the state of New York, Andrew Cuomo, announced on Monday the creation of a new metro and train terminal, called Empire Station, which will serve to transform and strengthen the massive Penn Station.

This is a new proposal from Cuomo on the occasion of the upcoming debate in the state of New York with which the governor, he said in a statement, intends to transform the current Penn station and integrate it with the Moynihan Train Hall, which is currently in plays.

To this plan would be added the acquisition of the south block of Penn Station to create a "remodeled, expanded and interconnected" metro and train complex.

The project addresses the creation of new and wider terminals and will increase the capacity of roads and trains by 40 percent, which Cuomo believes would address the most critical problems of what he has described as the "busiest transit center in the hemisphere. western".

"For more than a century, New York's transportation infrastructure has fueled our growth, especially in New York City. After decades of inaction, we once again invest in large public projects to support a stronger economy." said Cuomo.

According to the governor, this project will improve the public transport connections of more than half a million citizens every day.

The new station includes adding eight train tracks that will be used for subway use and the conversion into a subway entrance to the Madison Square Garden Theater on the eighth avenue.

Every day, more than 650,000 passengers use Penn Station, which means more traffic than, for example, John F. Kennedy Airport, La Guardia and Newark together.

According to Cuomo, the new Penn Station will thus serve to reduce congestion and promote the use of public transport.

In addition, the governor announced that it will be New York State, the inter-state state network of Amtrak trains and other stakeholders, who will partner with a consultant design team, led by FXCollaborative, to develop the transformation plan.


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