September 23, 2020

New York plans to delay reopening of restaurant interiors

The Mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, and the Governor of the state, Andrew Cuomo, advanced this Monday that they are considering delaying the reopening of the interior of the restaurants of the city because of the “problematic” that this aspect could be in the face of possible outbreaks of COVID-19.

De Blasio said that he had conveyed his concern to the governor about the return of hospitality activity within the premises and pointed out during his daily press conference that “safety and health must take precedence in every decision so as not to return from where we have come from.”

Cuomo himself had already pointed out the possibility that some measures typical of phase three of the de-escalation, to which the Big Apple is expected to join on July 6, may be adapted to the reality and circumstances of the city of New York.

“New York is different. It is more complicated than other parts of the state. The numbers are good, very good right now, but there are some problematic signs,” Cuomo said during an interview on the local chain NY1 in which he recalled that they had been received. tens of thousands of complaints for non-compliance in bars and restaurants in the city.

“We have a week before New York City enters the next phase and we receive the data every day. But the shopping malls and restaurant services inside the premises is something I’m concerned about and what I am concerned about. we are thinking of delaying a little, “stressed the governor.

De Blasio, who for years has had a mutual rivalry with Cuomo, from his same party, said that both he and the governor were “in tune” on this matter, noting that since restaurants serve their meals abroad, things have changed. It went well because the virus has a harder time spreading outdoors.

In this sense, the New York alderman announced a program called “Open Restaurants” for which they have already received more than 6,000 requests and with which they hope to promote the use of the terraces, which, in the mayor’s opinion, “has been a success” and It has allowed many workers to return to employment.


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